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[Sponsored] mStable is an Ethereum DeFi project that unites stablecoins, lending and swapping into one standard. By reducing complexity and fragmentation, mStable is a step-change in the usability of stablecoins.

They’re currently hiring for positions in Ethereum development, token engineering, governance and dApp development. If this is something that you’re interested in, feel free to shoot an email to

🥳 Happy 5th Birthday Ethereum

Last week Ethereum celebrated its 5th birthday aka the 5th anniversary of the its genesis block – and what a 5 years it has been! I put together a short cap here in The Daily Gwei and DeFi Dad put together an excellent piece about what Ethereum looks like 5 years in for CoinDesk here (seriously, go read it).

Justin Drake from the Ethereum Foundation announced this week that they are building an internal security team dedicated to eth2! Fuzzing, bounty hunting, pager duty, cryptoeconomic modelling, applied cryptanalysis, formal verification – if any of these words mean anything to you, feel free to shoot an email to with your application.

I joined a Kraken webinar last week to talk Ethereum and DeFi alongside Ryan Sean Adams, Andrew Keys and William Mougayar – you can watch that here. I also joined Alex Saunders of Nuggets News for our monthly Ethereum recap video here.

Finally, if you’re interested in being part of a “launch viewing” for the official eth2 phase 0 multiclient testnet (Madella) which is going live at 12:30UTC on August 4th then head here.

Have a great week everyone!

– Anthony

News of the Week

😬 Crypto Wallet Maker Ledger Loses 1M Email Addresses in Data Theft

Hardware wallet company Ledger said Wednesday that it suffered a data breach of its marketing and e-commerce database in late June.

Contact and order information for customers was exposed, but the firm said payment information and crypto funds were unaffected. Affected customers have now been notified via email, according to Ledger, which detailed the specifics behind the breach in a blog post published early Wednesday.

Ledger first realized the vulnerability when a researcher participating in the firm’s bounty program got in touch about a potential breach on the Ledger website on July 14. Though Ledger said it immediately patched the breach and opened an internal investigation, it realized the vulnerability had already been exploited weeks earlier, on June 25, when a third party accessed the marketing and e-commerce database using an API key that has since been deactivated.

🚓 Officials Arrest 3 Allegedly Behind Twitter Hack

The FBI and local officials have arrested three individuals who allegedly committed the largest hack in Twitter’s history. 

Florida resident Graham Clark was arrested Friday morning, according to Florida news channel WFLA. State Attorney Andrew Warren filed 30 felony charges, including organized fraud, communications fraud, fraudulent use of personal information and access to computer or electronic devices without authority, WFLA reported.

Federal officials are also charging Nima Fazeli and Mason John Sheppard with aiding in the “intentional access of a protected computer” and conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering, according to criminal complaints published Friday.

Warren intends to try Clark, who is 17 years old, as an adult; Florida law allows minors to be charged as adults in some financial fraud cases.

The Twitter hack compromised the accounts of top cryptocurrency exchanges, and prominent crypto twitter accounts (including CoinDesk), before moving on to mainstream accounts including Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Kanye West, Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama. 

Project Updates

Submissions Roll In for the Reddit Scaling Competition

22 projects and teams submitted their scaling implementations to Reddit’s scaling competition including StarkWare, Fuel Labs, MatterLabs and more. You can check out all of them here.

🔥_🔥 Introduced

🔥_🔥 is a collective of passionate crypto natives fully entrenched in the web 3 world, designing strong token economic and governance systems for major players in DeFi and beyond.

Coinbase Launches Dai Rewards

Coinbase customers in the US, UK, Netherlands, Spain, France, and Australia can now access a 2% APY on their Dai through Coinbase.

Aave’s Token Gets a Revamp

The Aave team introduced their new tokenomics upgrade proposal this week which includes key things such as a migration from LEND to AAVE at a 100:1 basis, the introduction of a safety module, liquidity mining and more.

State of Synthetix H2 2020

Founder of Synthetix, Kain Warwick, gives a run down of where the project/protocol is today and plans for the future.

Synthetix also released an update announcing that the Synthetix Foundation has been decommissioned and the protocol is now under the control of three distinct DAO’s: the protocolDAO, the grantsDAO, and the synthetixDAO.

Matter Labs Introduces zkPorter

zkPorter is a new L2 scaling technique combining zkRollup and sharding in a highly scalable yet atomically composable blockchain network.

mStable EARN Goes Live

EARN consolidates all of mStable’s incentivised liquidity pools into one place, and lets anyone track their Meta rewards in real time.

FuelPlaysPokemon Demo Now Live

Fuel Labs created a demo of their optimistic rollup technology using the infamous TwitchPlaysPokemon game – check it out here.

Loopring Monthly Update — 2020/07

Updates on on-going audits, hummingbot, new pairs and liquidity mining added to the exchange, advanced orders added to the relayer and more.

UMA’s Liquidity Mining Program Now Live

Farmers can earn UMA by providing the yUSD “Yield Dollar” token into a 50/50 yUSD <> USDC pool on Balancer.

The Graph Launches Incentivized Testnet

The Graph’s incentivized testnet, Mission Control, is a competition where Indexers can operate nodes, complete missions and contribute to improving The Graph Network ahead of mainnet launch.

Gnosis Safe Multisig Mobile Beta Announced

You can now download the beta version of the app here. In this first version, users have access to read-only features after adding a Safe. In the future, the team is planning to add functionality to initiate and sign transactions from mobile

KeeperDAO Raises Seed Funding

KeeperDAO raised a “seven-figure” seed round led by Polychain Capital and Three Arrows Capital.

Introducing Short DAI

Using InstaDApp, you can create a short position by up to 14x via a Maker USDC Vault in a single click without price volatility risk.

Ethereum Cat Herders Update #26

Updates on client diversity, state bloat, Medalla testnet, Eth2 attacknets and more.

Introducing Boardroom

Boardroom is a universal governance dashboard and SDK for DeFi and cryptocurrency protocols.

EPNS Whitepaper Published

You can now read all about the technical aspects of the Ethereum Push Notification Service in their shiny new whitepaper.

Dharma Mobile Gets an Upgrade

You can now trade thousands of tokens using Dharma’s Uniswap integration and pay zero gas fees while doing so. The Dharma app also got a fresh coat of paint! Translation Program: Milestone and Updates

467 volunteers from 52 language groups have helped make accessible to non-English speaking communities in their mother tongues.

Reality Cards Update

Two new markets now live along with minor changes to the platform.

Augur V2 Goes Live

The Augur v2 protocol contracts have been successfully deployed to the Ethereum Mainnet which means it’s now live!

Luxor Released

Luxor is a decentralized data spreadsheet that includes support for Ethereum. You can watch a demo video here.

Turbo-Geth Public Alpha Now Live

You can check it out here.

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