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A hackathon and weekly Summits throughout October

At the beginning of October, we invited the Ethereum community to join us at ETHOnline, ETHGlobal’s largest event of 2020.

Now that the month has concluded, we can say it was amazing to see the community participate throughout the month. ETHOnline was an event completely different from anything we’ve done before, made successful by the wholehearted support by the Ethereum community.

Read on for summaries of the Summits, Hackathon, and more on what the ETHGlobal team will be bringing the community next.

ETHOnline Summits

This was a series of weekly summits held every Friday that focused on different areas of the Ethereum Ecosystem. If you missed any of the talks, playlists of the talks are linked below. Here’s an overview in numbers:

  • 2600 Registrants
  • more than 50 talks & panels
  • over 30 hours of content

Kickoff — Oct 2

ETHOnline kicked off with a packed day of talks and discussion. We covered the big topics, and introduce the hackathon as well as major themes that would be covered in the following 4 weeks.

Scaling & Infrastructure — Oct 9

We dug deep into the latest scaling solutions, infrastructure, devtooling and more that is available to developers on Ethereum.

Decentralized Finance (Presented by Aave) — Oct 16

A full day dedicated to DeFi. We covered everything, from the big picture to the latest releases. This summit was presented by Aave.

The Future of Ethereum — Oct 23

At this summit, we looked to the future of the protocol. We covered how Eth2 complements Eth1, how Eth2’s launch will enable near-term scaling, how you can participate in staking, and much more.

Ethereum’s Impact & Hackathon Finale — Oct 30

The day started with demos from Hackathon finalists and the announcement of sponsor prizes. Then, we looked at how Ethereum is being used around the world, what’s next for Enterprise adoption, and talked to some special guests.

ETHOnline Hackathon

After HackMoney and HackFS, ETHOnline was our third longform virtual hackathon in 2020.

We were amazed to see the high quality of submissions across the board: explore all of them on the Project Showcase. Check out the Finalist list below:

📂Batua (बटुआ)

Concept for cryptocurrency in India. It consists of a simple end-user wallet with a decentralised non-custodial stablecoin pegged to the Indian Rupee (Chris Hobcroft, Shivani Gupta, Aditi Agarwal, Petra Wenglarzyova, Bo Henderson) Learn more here

🐊 Croco Finance

Liquidity pool position analysis: to compute the returns on liquidity provision as precisely as possible [using] historical fee data, returns from yield farming, transaction gas costs, and … other pool-related statistics. (Robert Brada, Jan Benes) Learn more here

💸 DePay

Decentralized Payments. No more going to exchanges. All in one. Anything to anything crypto payment processing (Sebastian Pape) Learn more here

🍵 Erdstall

Powerful Plasma Alternative using an Abstract TTP for Off-Chain Scaling (Sebastian Stammler, Steffen Rattay, Norbert Dzikowski, Matthias Geihs, Oliver Tale-Yazdi) Learn more here

🏛️ Flashbank

Flashloan on top of Compound using delegated borrowing limits (Thrilok Kumar, Vaibhav Chellani, Kautuk Kundan, snaketh4xor) Learn more here

🌧️ Liquid L2

Allows users to take out loans collateralised by their pending withdrawals from Layer 2 solutions. This means that for a fee, users can avoid a 7 day challenge period to get access to funds instantly (Tom French) Learn more here

☮️ Mindful

Portfolio Alignment for Degens: With Mindful, you can adopt strategies to mindfully DCA into assets, rebalance your portfolio, and take profits automatically. Let your mindful self plan for your degen self’s future (Liesl Eichholz, Matthias Bachmann, Christopher Maree, Haythem Sellami, Chris Fulford) Learn more here

⚔️ Protekt Protocol

Protekt Protocol puts crypto to work insuring users against hacks, bugs, and exploits of any DeFi protocol or smart contract. The goal is to support and catalyze the growth of the DeFi ecosystem by protecting users from getting rekt (Corbin Page) Learn more here

🛰️ Space-dX

A yield gaming / tokenomic warfare blockchain game. Build a fleet and the explore the vast galaxy to discover the riches of the cosmos. Defend yourself with weapons and other technologies from random events in the skies. Engage in combat against other fleets, winner takes all (James Dawson) Learn more here

😈 Stoploss

Protects uniswap liquidity providers against impermanent losses (Hadrien Charlanes, Nathan Sexer) Learn more here

🕵️ Syndicate

Syndicate is a web3 community chat app (Bill He) Learn more here


We make it easy to automatically distribute tokens to reward social media engagement (Alex Conway, Aleix Canal, Sebastian Stoll, Merlin Egalite) Learn more here

One of the tools we rolled out for ETHOnline was the live.ethonline interface. We wanted to create something unique to host the entire experience, and judging from the various reactions, we were successful there! We’re looking forward to using this at future community events.

ETHOnline Partners

This entire month would not have been possible with out the support of our partners and sponsors. Thanks for joining the event, mentoring hackers, and participating in judging!


Our next event: ETHBogotá

At the Finale Summit, we announced our next event:

ETHBogotá: August 6–8, 2021

Sign up for updates here to join us in Colombia for a hackathon alongside DevCon 6.

Thanks to everyone that participated in the hackathon, joined us at the Summits, or both! We’ll be sending POAP NFTs out for those that attended in the next few weeks.

For more exciting updates on our events and future hackathons, follow us on twitter, or join the Ethereum Hackers discord. ❤

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