Fair Launch Capital Announces Security Focused Token Launchpad DeFi Rate

There’s a new token incubator in town. “We are not Fair Launch Capital, we provide fair launch capital”.

1/ Today we’re announcing fair launch capital 💸🔁💸

We’re not a new VC fund; we’re not “Fair Launch Capital”.

We *provide* fair launch capital.

We’re a community resource providing free access to capital for new Fair Launch networks and projects.

— fair launch capital (@fairlaunchcap) August 26, 2020


Unlike Y Combinator or a16z, Fair Launch Capital gains no early advantage for incubating grassroots token distributions. The goal of the project is to create equitable token distributions with security at heart. No premines, no VC funding, no headstarts – even playing fields for all.

Looking at YFI, YAM and BASED (among many others), the notion of a ‘fair launch’ almost always gives security – in the form of smart contract audits – a backseat. Whether it be the cost of the audit itself of the limited availability for top service providers, many teams are choosing to go to market unaudited, propagating the “YOLO” nature of this new wave of financial experiments.

For founder’s keen to explore this world while mitigating security risk, Fair Launch Captial is here to help.

Why Fair Launch Capital?

Fair Launch Capital provides a no strings attached grant for early-stage teams to undergo extensive security audits prior to launch. The idea was seeded by IDEO CoLab partners Gavin McDermott and Joe Gerber alongside product and legal wizard Reuben Bramanathan. This comes in tandem with leading DeFi advisors like Aave‘s CEO Stani Kulechov, Synthetix‘s CEO Kain Warwick and yEarn’s superstar Andre Cronje, giving founders a direct line of communication to the industry’s best.

Underpinning the advisory board are leading community members and thought leaders, all of which bring about strong ideation on what a ‘fair launch’ really means, and how the entire of the trader spectrum – from VCs to retail – compete for governance token distributions in an equitable fashion.

10/ Our Community

Our Fair Launch founders will have access to an amazing group, including @ljxie @Cooopahtroopa @StaniKulechov @kaiynne @CamiRusso @RyanSAdams @jbrukh @Flynnjam, @jchervinsky @js_horne @willwarren89 @cyounessi1

This is a unique experiment for all involved.

— fair launch capital (@fairlaunchcap) August 26, 2020


Fair Launch Capital is now searching for its posterchild project, welcoming all DeFi founders to join the community Telegram group and make their case for why they’d be a strong first candidate.

The idea is that FLC creates an alumni-like system in which the first project uses governance to pay the grant forward to the next project, creating a cyclical community backed by strong sentiment and even stronger tokeholder alignment.

Just 24 hours after launch, the idea has been received quite favorably, signaling this project is one worth keeping an eye on in the coming months.

To stay up with Fair Launch Capital, follow them on Twitter.

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