February Update: Flash Loan Frenzy, Integrations, and More!

Hello Aave Community!

It’s been a pretty epic month… $1 Billion in DeFi, more than $25 Million market size in Aave Protocol, and we’ve moved up to #7 on Defipulse!

Aave has the best monthly rates, which you can get a good overview of on Aavewatch. Check out our rates and start depositing here!

We are so happy with the response from the community, and we are looking forward to what’s to come! We’ll try to capture the highlights in this short & sweet newsletter 🙂

Technical & Development Updates

We will continue to release a biweekly Dev Report to give an update on everything happening within and around the protocol, written by Aave’s developers themselves. Decentralized Finance rests on the foundation of transparency, and at Aave we believe this includes being completely transparent about security, technical updates, governance topics, etc. Check out our latest Dev Report here!

Additionally, a governance vote to change the Flash Loan fee from 0.35% to 0.09% was implemented. Read more about Flash Loan fees and how they benefit the depositor and the overall protocol here.

February Events & Community

We were absolutely amazed at the things people in the community built with Aave Protocol, and we’d like to shout out a few!

This margin trading aggregator from 1x.ag was built at ETHDenver!

Here’s a nifty explanation graphic from Anton Bukov of 1 inch exchange:

Also, the first collateral swap by David Truong allows you to swap underlying collateral in MakerDao with another asset using our Flash Loans:

This weekend we will be at the ETHLondon hackathon! We are also teaming up with Kyber, Argent, and DiversiFi to bring you an awesome night of networking and discussion with some DeFi OG’s about Flash Loans, mainstream adoption, and what’s next for DeFi after the major $1 Billion milestone! You can sign up on Kickback or Eventbrite 🙂

You’re all also invited to the ETHLondon afterparty this Sunday! Snag a spot here.

We can’t wait to see what hackers build… *cough cough * FLASH LOANS!

Flash Loan Frenzy

Everybody’s talking about Flash Loans in light of recent exploits, and at Aave we believe it’s important to consider the multifaceted implications of this innovation. Flash Loans have many important use-cases, like self-hedging, collateral swapping, debt refinancing, and more. For our take on the recent exploits, check out our blog post “Should Flash Loans be considered harmful?” *spoiler: the answer is NO!


We are excited about February’s epic integrations: Aave has been added in My Ether Wallet and Trust Wallet! Be sure to try it out yourself!

Past integrations include: Totle, DefiSnap, Unspent, ParaSwap, iearn.finance, and Sablier.

Don’t miss out on…

David Truong made a barebones template on how to implement Flash Loans: https://github.com/mrdavey/ez-flashloan. Super cool, and useful for all you devs out there who want to play around with Flash Loans!

Andy Pickering’s Crypto Conversation podcast with Stani Kulechov talking Flash Loans and where DeFi is headed.

Our Network’s DeFi-focused issue featuring Synthetix, Aave, Set, and MakerDao.

Our first Community Call with Chainlink’s CEO Sergey Nazarov.

Join us and stay tuned…

Coming up soon, we will be at EthCC in Paris, where Stani will be giving a talk on “Flash Loans: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”.

We will also be at Paris Blockchain Week (March 31 & April 1)! We hope you can join us in Paris: for a 20% discount on tickets, use the code AAVE20!

We’re hiring!

Check out our site for more information about available positions and what it’s like to work at Aave!


Aave Team

P.s. — we’re on Instagram! Give us a follow for some behind the scenes footage and photographic evidence of what goes on at Aave

Join us on our Discord or Telegram channel!

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