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There are unfortunately many prominent people within the “crypto” community that are either uneducated or being purposefully deceitful about Ethereum. Now, this is nothing new, we see it all the time but the issue is amplified when its people with a large audience promoting these views and it’s something that should be pushed back against.

Hayden is one of my favorite people in this space – he is the embodiment of a genuine builder who built something new and innovative that provides real value to people. Though, given that Uniswap is the most popular app on Ethereum, he and what he’s built is under constant criticism from people who don’t actually know how any of it works. It seems like these people just hear about Uniswap and formulate their own reality distortion field around what they think Uniswap is.

This wouldn’t really be an issue if it was just random troll accounts on Twitter spreading the misinformation but as you can see from my tweet above, it’s prominent people with hundreds of thousands of followers doing this. What makes this even worse is that for some reason these people all use the same argument against Uniswap – that is, they actually think that Hayden (or anyone) can shut it down. These people have been told time and time again that this is not the case and you can literally verify this for themselves but they either refuse to listen or are happy to spread outright lies.

These kind of attacks are what myself and many others in the Ethereum community have defended against for years now and frankly I would’ve expected better criticisms by now. There is so much you can criticise Ethereum and the projects built on top about but instead of focusing on that, the detractors use tired old arguments which are easily debunked. In the end, they end up looking like complete fools and further alienate themselves from a core part of the overall crypto community.

I just think it’s really sad that instead of these people with large platforms acting as educators and sources of truth, they are deciding to use their platform to spread outright lies which can, in some cases, lead to actual harm. As a community, we should keep calling out this behavior publicly so that we can both protect users from harm and continue to build up the communities antibodies.

Have a great day everyone,
Anthony Sassano

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