🤖Gitcoin Grants Round 6 is here!🛠️

It’s been just over a month since DeFiZap & DeFiSnap joined forces to create Zapper.Fi – the lean mean DeFi machine providing you with easy on-ramps to the endless opportunities in open finance.

Since our launch in December, we’ve seen a constant influx of new users, integrations and volume. We’ve pioneered new Zap primitives – like zUNI – which leverage Synthetix liquidity incentives to constantly earn you more ETH.

For those who missed it, most recently we launched Pool Pipes – a tool to combat liquidity fragmentation by letting users easily and efficiently move liquidity between pools.

Paired with our recent Balancer integration, it’s safe to say that Zapper is quickly becoming the most diverse place to move capital around the DeFi landscape in an intuitive and cost effective manner.

The Future of Liquidity Mining

As many of you know, Balancer recently launched their Liquidity Mining incentives – rewarding LPs with native governance tokens (BAL) for providing capital to the platform. However, what you may not know is that Balancer is constantly tweaking these rewards based on a number of parameters like feeFactor, ratioFactor and wrapFactor.

While we won’t go into the specifics of each in this post, the key point here is that leaving your liquidity in one place is no longer the most profitable use of capital. In fact, with projects like Curve soon to announce governance tokens too, we suspect that DeFi farmers will need to keep their finger on the pulse to keep up with the most efficient asset allocations.

Now, while this could easily become a full time job in and of itself – this is why we built Zapper. Rather than having to stay on top of every single trend, our vision is to create a platform which can help you easily identify new income opportunities and shift liquidity around as you see fit.

With this, yield farming can be cheap, efficient and intuitive. But, in order to get there we need your help.

As we outlined in our merger, Zapper is entirely self-funded. This grassroots effort is exactly what has allowed us to be as active as we are regarding integrations and community sentiment.

In the coming months, we want to further this initiative. To this end, we ask you to consider donating to our Gitcoin Grant. All the proceeds from this round will be used to further our product development and receive formal security audits.

We expect this summer to be an absolutely Cambrian explosion for DeFi and want to make sure we’re well positioned to capture it all.

If you or your project want to help us on our journey, come join us on Discord.

Remember – every 1 DAI donated on Gitcoin can have upwards of 100 DAI worth of impact. If you’ve ever Zapped In or Out, consider this your way of paying it forward. Currently

Until then, we look forward to bringing you the best asset management experience DeFi has to offer!

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*Please note that Zapper.fi is an experimental project. Zapper.fi is not providing any investment advisory or recommendation service. By using Zapper.fi or its services, you agree that you are using the Services at your own risk and that you will not and do not hold Zapper.fi or its team members liable should the services not perform as per your expectation. Zapper.fi is not a licensed financial advisor under any law. Please consult your own independent investment advisor before making any investment decisions.

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