Grant Approved: LeapDAO to Build EVM-Compatible Sidechain Framework

It is with great excitement that we announce LeapDAO will be building an EVM-compatible sidechain framework for Nervos!

With this framework, developers will be able to utilize the breath of existing Ethereum contracts and tooling to build sidechain applications that leverage the underlying security and flexibility of Nervos.

Why Sidechains?

When running on sidechains, applications de-couple from traffic on the mainchain, adding certainty about transaction cost and confirmation time, allowing for a user experience closer to traditional web applications. Related applications (e.g games or digital art marketplaces) can share a sidechain to take advantage of network effects.

Sidechains are a promising route for scaling public blockchains. On Bitcoin there is Liquid, allowing for fast inter-exchange settlement and on Ethereum, xDai and POA network for fast, low-fee transactions.

Nervos sidechains will make use of the robust flexibility of the CKB VM and allow for fast throughput and low-cost transactions while utilizing the trust of the underlying proof-of-work blockchain.

LeapDAO has a great Layer 2 experience, building multi-party state channels in 2017 and between 2018 and 2019 built the Plasma-based Ethereum sidechain, the Leap Network. The team is now focused on generalized Layer 2 solutions and brings significant expertise to the Nervos project.

CKB Sidechain framework

Through this grant, LeapDAO will create a framework for building sidechains on Nervos, including a token bridge implementation (for moving assets between sidechains and the main chain) and a UDT platform. This framework will provide simplicity for developers and startups to launch blockchains that build on the security of CKB’s PoW consensus and peg tokens between the chains securely. The clearest applications of this technology the LeapDAO team sees are for payments, DEXs, and gaming.

The following components will be developed under this grant:

  • Web3 Scaling for a developer with a working solution looking to scale
  • CLI tool for both CKB and sidechain deployment
  • WebUI for sidechain admin and block explorer
  • For a Web3 Dev, familiar with decentralized apps
  • SDK tools to interact with sidechain
  • CLI tools for deployment to CKB or sidechain
  • WebUI to facilitate CKB to sidechain migration
  • For a Web2 Dev, looking to start with blockchain development
  • WebUI to define UDT or ERC20 tokens
  • WebUI to mint and transfer UDT
  • For product owners
  • A no-code WebUI playground to setup applications on CKB or sidechain or use both

For all of the details regarding this project, follow the Nervos Talk RFC thread, or join the Nervos Discord server today!

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