Grin Community Collaboration to Bring Mimblewimble to Nervos

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We’re pleased to officially announce our plans to support the Mimblewimble protocol on Nervos. Mimblewimble is a technology that will enable Nervos users to transact privately using CKB or any other Nervos-supported tokens without revealing the participants and amounts of the exchange.

The origins of Mimblewimble

Mimblewimble was created in 2016 by anonymous individuals using pseudonyms taken from the popular Harry Potter fictional universe. The technology they released was nothing short of a breakthrough in cryptocurrency privacy. A following quickly assembled, leading to the formation of the community-driven project known as Grin.

Grin has proven itself as one of the most successful community-driven projects based around privacy technology and has continued to advance the Mimblewimble protocol. In recognition of the project’s efforts we have made a donation of 10 BTC to the Grin General Fund to help continue the advancement of the Grin platform and Mimblewimble protocol.

The future of Nervos and Mimblewimble

The integration of Mimblewimble will give users the ability to transact privately on Nervos, but it also opens the door for future offerings built on the technology. The Nervos core development team and the Grin community will continue driving forward the technology and investigate the possibilities of cross-chain connectivity between Grin and Nervos.

In the coming months, we will continue down a three-phase development plan:

  • Phase 1: Schema Design (~2 months) — Prepare a general schema for the operating model.
  • Phase 2: Technical Specification (~2 months) — Produce a detailed technical specification.
  • Phase 3: Implementation (3+ months) — Construct the codebase which will power the platform.

Phase 1 is currently in effect and multiple community members have already begun exchanging knowledge to make this effort a reality. Anyone who wishes to contribute to the effort is encouraged to join the @grincoin#mw_nervos channel on Keybase. This public channel will serve as the main conduit of communication between our two communities.

Through the Nervos Foundation, we are also setting aside a grant fund specifically for infrastructure and interoperability solutions between Grin and Nervos. All developer teams and community members with interest are encouraged to apply here!

Both of our communities are excited about the advancement of Mimblewimble technology. Anyone who wishes to voice their opinions or keep up to date with the latest developments is encouraged to follow us on Medium and Twitter or join the discussions on Discord and Telegram!

To stay updated on our collaboration with Mimblewimble and more:

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For discussions or questions join the conversation on Discord or check out one of our community Telegram channels: English, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese

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