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By Bobby Rasmusson, Group Product Manager

Today, Coinbase is introducing new ways to get started in crypto: beginner guides, tips and tutorials, market updates, and more. Understand the basics, get started with crypto trading, and learn advanced topics to get better educated on what crypto has to offer. Crypto enthusiasts can also browse regular market updates and insights on the latest crypto developments, including decentralized finance (DeFi).

Interest in crypto is on the rise. Last month, bitcoin prices reached an all-time high since the last market rally in 2017. Additionally, search volume for “bitcoin price” hit its highest volume since June 2019, according to Google Trends.

As the crypto economy grows, getting started shouldn’t be confusing, frustrating, or unsafe. Although there are tons of educational resources available beyond Coinbase, some of it can be unreliable, outdated, overly complicated, biased, or worse. For the thousands of people just starting their journeys, we wanted to make it easier to find trustworthy and accurate information, all in one place.

Our goal is to make crypto easy to understand for both first-time investors and more experienced traders. People new to crypto can quickly get up to speed with our crypto basics, which includes explainers on blockchain, stablecoins, crypto taxes, and resources for what to read, watch, and stream.

People who already know the basics of crypto can read tips and tutorials to grow their knowledge, use a crypto wallet, send crypto, and more. Readers can also look out for deep dives into the latest crypto news with “This week in Bitcoin price”, published Monday mornings, and “Around the Block”, advanced insights on the crypto ecosystem.

Our educational content is approachable, easy to understand, accurate, informative, and researched. We believe that everyone has to start somewhere, and it shouldn’t be confusing or frustrating to find trustworthy crypto explainers, guides, and insights. Head to and start your crypto education today.

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