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Wrapping up a notable month with ETHGlobal & Protocol Labs.

This July, we partnered up with Protocol Labs to run an event centered on dapps, web3, decentralized storage, and everything in between. Workshops, AMA Talks, Hack Feedback Sessions and Sponsor Office Hours are a few aspects which contributed to a successful month at HackFS.

Here are a few interesting metrics:

  • 470 hackers
  • 134 projects submitted
  • 50 countries
  • 19 timezones
  • 52 events

We were blown away by the calibre of projects we received as well as the commitment of our hackers, mentors, sponsors and everyone else involved. We could not have been more excited to announce our finalists and wrap up a long, incredible month at the HackFS Finale.

🎉 Our HackFS Finalists 🎉

  • IPFS Recovery — A way for content to persist on IPFS despite damage to data and the network at large.
  • pnlp — An open publishing platform for written content on web3.
  • Public Annotations Network — An open source censorship-resistant web annotation service, driven by Ethereum and IPFS!
  • Pygate — Python interface and tools for the Filecoin network using Textile’s Powergate API.
  • Web3API — Interact with smart contracts through decentralized GraphQL endpoints, in any language, no smart contract SDKs required.
  • sailplane-web — p2p Dropbox in a web app using IPFS + OrbitDB.
  • PlanetFlare —A decentralized CDN platform that enables anyone to serve content and get paid for it.
  • BlockSig — A notarized document signing solution backed by proofs on Ethereum and encrypted IPFS.
  • Valist — A decentralized binary data/software notary and global repository.
  • Decentralized Docker Hub — A Decentralized Docker Hub powered by IPFS, Filecoin and ENS.

Wondering how you can explore and learn more about all the projects built over this past month? The 🚀 HackFS Showcase page has been specially curated to showcase all the incredible projects that have come out of HackFS.

HackFS Projects Showcase

HackFS would not have been possible without the support from an incredible group of elite Sponsors. Their support, involvement and enthusiasm makes it possible for our team to run an event that is free for attendees whilst still providing rich programming and support for hackers along the way.

The support of our Sponsors is hugely reflected in the hard work and commitment given to answering developer questions as well as daily feedback for our hackers. Our Sponsors managed anything from technical troubleshooting to in-depth AMAs, whilst also hosting more casual weekly office hours for our hackers. A huge thanks from the ETHGlobal & Protocol Labs team!

At ETHGlobal, our core ethos has always been to make it easy for anyone to dream big. We strongly encourage projects to continue working on their hacks and following the completion of HackFS, we encouraged hackers to take their Project to the next level through the Apollo program and /or Filecoin Launchpad Accelerator.

Events, Events, Events!

HackFS had a number of events that supported hackers. These ranged from Technical Workshops to Sponsor Office Hours, not forgetting the The Future of Decentralized Social Media panel we hosted featuring Balaji Shrinivasan, Vitalik Buterin & Juan Benet.

For an overall look through the incredible content produced during HackFS, please visit the ETHGlobal YouTube channel.

Amidst the jam-packed HackFS schedule — we also hosted the Randomness Summit along with Protocol Labs, a one day conference on Randomness Beacon research & deployments. This event, driven by some of the world’s top experts on the complexities of generating sound randomness, allowed for an amazing and interactive learning opportunity covering the progress made and the solutions deployed in some of the largest blockchains such as Ethereum and Filecoin.

Randomness Summit 2020

Community Perspectives

We can’t go without acknowledging a few of the HackFS experiences from our community:

One project submission, from 73 year old Martha Roth really stood out. Martha’s submission was a series of blog posts that summed up everything she learned during the hackathon, a testament to how web3 can inspire people of all ages and backgrounds.

There are many cases that benefit and could be safe, more secure, and verifiable using Web3.

Web3 is building and building in a big way. There is a place for ideas to flourish. There are very few opportunities for new ideas on the current web because of the control of just a few entities. Web3 has no one controller. It is open for anyone to try. Success or failure is there for all to try. All equal.

Martha Roth.


With HackFS at a close, we could not be more excited to dive right into our next online adventure. ETHOnline is taking place in October and is our way of celebrating an incredible year in Ethereum, bringing the community together at a time when we’re kept apart.

Applications are now open and we are ready to get ETHGlobal’s biggest event of the year going!! For more exciting updates, follow us on twitter, and we’ll see you in a chatroom sometime soon ❤

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