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Introducing native support for Optimistic Ethereum on Coinbase wallet.

Black & white image of two Optimism devs looking at a whiteboard. Text overlaid on image reads Optimism x Coinbase Wallet.
Testnet Update: Optimism x Coinbase Wallet.

Scaling Ethereum is a monumental endeavor, only possible as a full community effort. At Optimism, we’re creating a protocol which can support massive scale, but it will take much more to make Optimistic Ethereum scalability a reality. User experience is just as key to the viability of the protocol as the underlying architecture is:

“In the migration to rollups, the biggest challenge is User Experience. Making sure users only do secure things by default and don’t accidentally do insecure things…the biggest part of the answer is a comprehensive ecosystem level push [and] the first push is wallets.” — Vitalik Buterin, ETHGlobal Summit

We are so excited to announce Coinbase Wallet’s native integration with the Optimistic Ethereum testnet! Coinbase Wallet is Coinbase’s non-custodial wallet and dApp browser.

Users will be able to view their balances & send transactions safely and securely using Coinbase Wallet! If you’d like to play around with this, it has been integrated with Synthetix’s Mintr frontend, live on testnet today!

Screenshots of the flow of Coinbase Wallet on Optimistic Ethereum.
Hopefully you have more than 0 ETH! Note: fees are shown as “0” because they have not yet been enabled on testnet.

Optimistic Ethereum Ecosystem

Wallet infrastructure is one of a large number of challenges we will face as an ecosystem moving to layer 2. From managing deposit and withdrawal UX, to optimizing EVM implementations, there are so many exciting challenges & opportunities. It is only with the help of amazing engineers, designers, and visionaries across the community that we can hope to realize the dream of a truly usable blockchain. We are delighted that Coinbase is a part of the community making Ethereum a bit more Optimistic.

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