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Indacoin and Nervos

We’re excited to announce Nervos CKB, the native token of the Nervos ecosystem, is listed on Indacoin, the leading London-based fiat-to-crypto exchange. Now Indacoin users can easily buy and sell CKB through credit card or debit card payments without registration.

Indacoin provides instant and risk-free transactions for more than 100 merchants globally, including exchanges, wallets, token offering projects, media channels and others. In 2015, Indacoin launched Visa and Mastercard payments, enabling people from around the world to buy cryptocurrencies with their banking cards.

Luis Ploennig, Overseas Director at Indacoin, said,

“It is a great honor for us to work on the creation of joint projects together with a company such as Nervos. Both Indacoin and Nervos have large, loyal audiences, so it’s time for them to fasten their seat belts because we are all anticipating something incredible.”

While most crypto exchanges don’t accept card transactions because of fraud concerns, Indacoin has relationships with major European and American financial institutions that enable its platform to identify whether the card has been stolen or not within half an hour. In most cases, clients will receive a call from the bank to confirm that they have really bought bitcoins on Indacoin.

More than 500,000 people have used Indacoin’s services to date.

Nervos co-founder Kevin Wang said,

“Making the purchase of crypto assets easier and more efficient is an important step in moving the industry forward and taking digital assets mainstream. Indacoin users can now purchase CKByte, the native token of Nervos, directly from the exchange using their credit cards and debits cards, paving the way for more users to join the Nervos ecosystem.”

To access CKB on the Indacoin exchange, visit or download the Indacoin app in the App Store or Google Play store.

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