Introducing Bankrupt!

Dear Crypto Natives,

It’s come to my attention that many of us haven’t made any real money in crypto in over two years. While Bankless focuses on an a rosy future for crypto our recent experience has been one pain and disillusion.

We’re tired of the optimism. It’s exhausting.

That’s why today….and in consultation with my trusted advisors Udi Wertheimer and Justin Sun…I’m introducing a newsletter for the rest of us.


Bankrupt—the ultimate guide to crypto failings

Each week you’ll get:

  • Moody Monday: rundown of failing crypto projects & people to dislike

  • Trolling Tuesdays: a tactic on how to troll projects that are actually delivering

  • Thankless Thursday: a teardown of an Ethereum project DeFi plebs love

This program is designed to teach you how to equivocate solid projects with obvious scams, to engage in pessimistic groupthink, and to dismiss facts with artful rhetoric.

Learn from articles such as:

  • “Why ETH is NOT money”

  • “How ETHEREUM is worse than TRON”

  • “Why DEFI will never work and there’s no way to prove it will”

  • “10 things Ethereum promised but never shipped”

Let’s stew on failed projects and dropping prices together.

Get started with Bankrupt today.

Don’t level up. Level down.

Subscribe to Bankrupt.


Subscribe to Bankrupt

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