Join us on July 27/28 for the next community governance call!

Join us on July 27/28 for the next community governance call!

The eleventh Synthetix community governance call is scheduled for July 27/28 (timezone dependant), and as usual there’s a great deal to talk about!

Here are the times:

  • San Francisco: Monday July 27, 6pm
  • New York: Monday July 27, 9pm
  • Central Europe: Tuesday July 28, 2am
  • Singapore & Beijing: Tuesday July 28, 9am
  • Seoul:  Tuesday July 28, 10am
  • Sydney: Tuesday July 28, 11am

Time converter at

You can join the call here using Zoom, and there will be an online recording on YouTube shortly after. Here is the current agenda for the meeting (subject to change):


Recap of the last month

  • Binary options
  • Exchange listings
  • Frontend updates
  • dHedge
  • Institutional liquidity providers
  • Synthetix Foundation deprecated
  • Korea push

Looking ahead

  • Limit orders
  • sOIL update
  • Ether collateral 2nd trial
  • New Index Synths
  • Chainlink phase 2
  • Synthetic futures
  • Generalised keepers
  • Margin trading
  • Frontend updates

Current topics for debate

  • Should DAI be Removed from the Curve Pool?
  • Should the Weekly iETH SNX rewards be reduced?

Open questions from the community

If you’ve got any questions or suggestions ahead of the call, come join us in Discord!

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