Kyber and SFBW DeFi Hackathons, Maple Bonds, and Aragon DAOs

Kyber DeFi Hackathon: 17 Entries Built with Compound

The Kyber Hackathon has concluded, with almost 80 projects submitted and over 300 developers participating. 17 different projects built with Compound:

Agent Flip – Interface for managing BTC/WBTC across Compound, Kyber, Uniswap, Synthetix, and bZx. 

DeFi Cross Protocol Data Dashboards – Analytics for cross-protocol interactions between Compound, Kyber and Set Protocol and Synthetix.

DeFi Custody – DeFi Custody is a “dead man’s switch” whereby if a user does not sign the contract by a predetermined deadline, assets get sent to “heirs”. While in the contract assets earn interest including via Compound.

DeFiner Earn Flow – Automatically convert ERC20s to DAI and supply them to Compound.

DeFi Puzzle – Bundle Compound long and short positions into financial products like perpetual swaps, and represent them as NFTs.

DeFi Zap– Smart contract that auto-spreads incoming deposits across Compound, Fulcrum, TokenSets and others, in a single transaction and based on pre-set allocations – bypassing many manual steps.

Ecopet – A virtual pet game where supplying assets to Compound “buys” your pet food.

Fyber Exchange – Decentralized marketplace for buying and selling goods where Compound secures security deposits on items.

Growdrop – No-Loss ERC20 token crowdfunding and NFT donating project with IPFS, Kyberswap, Uniswap and Compound.

Limit to Win It – Limit orders on Kyber, based on the interest rate of cTokens, rather than the price of the cTokens.

Liquid-Funding– Project funding platform that uses cTokens.

MarginSwap Margin trading using Compound to achieve leverage up to 4x.

MaxYieldToken – Combines Compound, bZx, and DyDx into one protocol.

Multi-Kyber Swap – Smart contract wrapper to migrate loans between Compound and Fulcrum.

Portle – Interface for interacting with several DeFi protocols.

Rollo – Lets users recursively use their Compound borrowing power to leverage long or short assets.

Structured – Pre-configured portfolios leveraging Compound, Kyber, bZx, Synthetix, and Uniswap.

SFBW19 DeFi Hackathon

The Cosmos DeFi Hackathon happened this weekend and helped conclude San Francisco Blockchain Week. Here is a comprehensive thread with all the projects submitted – congratulations to all the teams involved! A few that built with Compound:

Delta Protocol – An insurance market where insurance providers earn premiums on their collateral and insurance buyers pay upfront for the right to protect their DeFi assets.

HotPot – Gamified savings where a group can pool money into a common fund periodically (which uses Compound), and the savings are periodically randomly distributed to a group member who wins a “lottery”.

Maple Crypto Bonds Launch

Maple, the world’s first crypto bond platform launches, enabling users to issue crypto bonds, called Maple SmartBonds, secured by cDAI as collateral. SmartBonds will let users speculate on Compound interest rates, and establish fixed interest income rates if desired.

Aragon Integrates Compound Directly

Compound is now integrated directly with Aragon, through the Aragon Apps functionality. This means Compound (along with Uniswap and ENS) can be easily installed into any DAO created on Aragon on Ethereum. We look forward to keeping an eye on how DAO’s begin to leverage this new functionality.  Here is a live example of a DAO using Compound, from EmpowertheDAO.



Total supply is currently at $158 million from 13,000+ suppliers. Total borrowing is at $36 million from 1,200+ borrowers.

The three largest suppliers this week minted $2.5 million of cETH; another $2.5 million of cETH; and $1.7 million of cDAI. The three largest borrowers this week borrowed $1.6 million of DAI; $440k of USDC; and $430k of USDC.

For live figures please refer to our /markets page.


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