Making ‘money moves’ on Coinbase

You can now top up your balance as you are sending crypto

By Paul Katsen, Product Manager

Today we’re announcing three improvements to help customers send crypto more easily, confidently, and efficiently.

Easily top up your balance as you send

If you don’t have enough crypto to complete a send, you can now top up your balance right away to buy and send in one fell swoop.

With this feature, we’ll make sure you use an instant payment method that allows you to send your newly purchased funds instantly. You’ll be able to purchase more crypto as you are sending, so it feels as seamless as a payment directly from your bank account.

Confidently track when your crypto will arrive

We’ve also added ETAs (estimated time of arrivals) to transactions. When sending crypto, the time of arrival can vary, depending on the crypto network. We’re now including estimated times so customers can send crypto more confidently.

Efficiently send crypto on-chain

We’re always looking for ways to help our customers best use their crypto. As a result of our recent upgrade to transaction batching, for example, bitcoin network fees are now nearly 75% lower for each transaction on Coinbase.

We’re excited to continue improving the crypto send experience for our customers, and build on the foundations we set this year.

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