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Mask Network (previously Maskbook) – the encryption focused web 3 portal- has announced a new update that will enable users to trade straight from Twitter using data sourced from and trade execution through Uniswap.

1) Today we are thrilled to introduce a new version of #Mask with a trading widget powered by Uniswap & CMC. It will automatically pop up whenever your mouse hovers on a “$+ticker” like $ETH or $UNI. Users can now view token price and trade with Uniswap without leaving Twitter!

— Maskbook (@realmaskbook) September 24, 2020


Maskbook plans to add additional DeFi centric features to their product and enable the merging of social media and finance. For now, users who have Mask installed will be able to hover over token symbol hashtags on twitter with a dollar sign ($) to see market info or trade directly through Uniswap. These are core features built into Mask with no additional fees or installations.

Instead of completely replacing Web2, Mask Network wants to be the bridge between Web2 and Web3 enabling non-technical users to take back control of their data. Using Mask Network users can send encrypted messages, cryptocurrencies, and interact with decentralized applications from within their usual web browser.


The team at Mask Network envisions a future where privacy-enhancing rails can be built on top of the existing social networks controlled by big tech. A big focus for them in the near future is building out a suite of web-based personal finance products.

“Users will be able to send payments, trade tokens, borrow, follow best traders, participate in public offerings, issue personal tokens, bet on current events, and enjoy pro-grade portfolio analysis without leaving the social networks.”

Another update is said to be coming in the next 45 days in the form of additional products like an Initial Twitter Offering, yield aggregators, and portfolio analysis.

Beyond Finance

Other than their financial suite, Mask Network will also be making efforts to bring decentralized payment and storage together. Through a partnership with Arweave, Mask Network has already enabled its users to send files to friends through Twitter & Facebook. The team hinted that there are also NFT related partnerships in the pipeline.

The reason Mask Network seems to have such a broad scope is that its major function is providing encryption for information transmission and interpretation. This could range from text, pictures, to currencies, or even smart contracts.

Mask Network hopes to be a pivotal tool for the general public as they learn more about DeFi and the possibilities afforded by participating in the open internet.

Read more about Mask Network here and stay up with the project on Twitter.

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