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Matcha – the 0x-powered decentralized exchange (DEX) – is celebrating their huge milestone of crossing $1 Billion in trading volume since inception by adding access to 1,000+  new tradeable tokens. Starting today, Matcha users will also be able to add their own custom tokens and trade through the Matcha platform.

To celebrate over $1 Billion in volume since launch, we’re enabling access to 1,000 tokens plus the ability to add custom tokens starting today!

Happy trading! 🤠

— Matcha 🍵 (@matchaxyz) November 18, 2020

Since their initial launch around 5 months ago, Matcha experienced impressive growth and has since succeeded in building a passionate user base of DeFi traders around the world. As a quick refresher, Matcha was built to be a consumer-facing DEX by the team behind 0x Protocol. The primary goal of Matcha is to be a clean and simple interface where anyone can swap tokens on-chain with a heavy emphasis on user experience.

DeFi is not always the friendliest place for newcomers without technical knowledge, the best thing about Matcha is that it is easy to use for any regardless of skill level. The team has even committed building out asset pages that help traders explore and learn about new tokens.

Prior to this announcement, users could only trade across 55 tokens using Matcha, but now users can trade over 1,000 different tokens with the added peace of mind that Matcha is doing the hard work of finding them the best possible price across 14 sources of liquidity.

Similar to the way DeFi users are free to add custom trading pairs to Uniswap, users of Matcha will also be able to utilize their custom token flow to add previously unlisted tokens and begin trading instantly.

Matcha had already captured the interest of many DeFi users with their simplistic UI and unique features like limit orders for decentralized trading, now with this huge influx of tradeable tokens being added to the platform it certainly feels like DEXs like Matcha are making their way to the mainstream.

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