MetaClan Launches E-Sports DAO

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What happens when you combine gaming with crypto and DAOs? 

MetaClan – that’s what.

Enjoy a free piece about the future of play-to-earn mechanics as we dive into a new crypto-native eSports DAO in this week’s Token Tuesday.

When it comes to the mainstream usage of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, many have long pointed to gaming as one of the first areas where this is likely to happen.

Our OG Token Tuesday’s readers may recall one of our first pieces on Tokenizing Fortnite – highlighting how cryptocurrencies can play a crucial role in the development of exciting new gaming economies which better incentivize their players.

For those who have spent any time in the gaming world – you’ve surely heard the word eSports, or a form of sport competition using video games. Going back to Fortnite, Epic Games has distributed tens of millions of dollars in prizes over the past few years, with top players like Sentinels Bugha winning $3M in last year’s World Cup.

What this goes to show is that eSports are being taken more seriously each and every day, and this is a trend which we expect cryptocurrencies to super charge. More so, with an increasing demand for NFTs and transferable tokenized assets, secondary markets for trading scarce in-game loot has never been more feasible.

In this article, we’ll be diving into a new project called MetaClan – a crypto native eSports DAO leveraging play-to-earn mechanics to help shape the future of gaming.

We’ll touch on the DAOs mission, their first quest and how to join – hopefully giving you some insights into how gaming is unfolding in the wider crypto landscape.

What is MetaClan?

As a distributed autonomous organization (DAO), MetaClan aggregates passionate crypto gamers and uses smart contracts to pool funds via a DAO bank called the War Chest.

Members are issued shares for contributing to the War Chest, and use those shares to vote on proposals to decide how those funds are spent. Shares can be rage quit at any time, meaning members are free to come and go as they please and they’ll receive their shares worth in Dai.

Looking at a DAO like MetaClan through the lens of crypto gaming, members vote on how to best utilize funds to explore new games – largely through quests that shine a light on the unique inner workings of the popular games of today. 

In doing so, the DAO aims to collect the most valuable items in each of these games – amassing a treasure chest chock-full of the rarest, most powerful items in existence.

MetaClan then uses its loot, strategies, and talent to deck out top players with the best loadouts possible to compete at a high level and dominate competitive tournaments.

Anyone is free to join the DAO, with shares costing a mere 25 DAI each – a big shift from other leading DAOs like MetaCartel and Moloch with tributes costing 10 or 100ETH.

So why would anyone want to join this DAO?

Axie Infinity Breeding Tournament

Yesterday, MetaClan shared details regarding their first quest – an Axie Infinity Breeding Tournament.

“With a Pokemon and Tamagotchi like feel, Axie Infinity is a digital pet community centred around collecting, training, raising, and battling fantasy creatures called Axies. It combines collectable NFT assets with unique card and skill game mechanics which have garnered attention from the sector’s top gamers.”

With the ability to earn DAI for PvP battles and in-game drops like Kyber Network Crystals, Axie is a premier example of a game encompassing the play-to-earn mechanics MetaClan is so passionate about. 

Long story short, MetaClan is partnering with Axie to give prizes to breeders in a suite of different contests – tailoring to both beginner and experts.

Those who join the DAO receive a number of benefits including:

  • Free Small Love Potions used for breeding

  • Access to a Virgin Axie Auction (the best to breed with)

  • Detailed feedback from Axie experts

  • POAP badges marking their participation

Plus, with over $350 in prizes – including Axie’s exclusive in-game token $LUNA which is not currently available to the public – it’s shaping up to be an exciting experiment for MetaClan’s inaugural quest.

For those interested in learning more, all that and more can be read here, or by joining the MetaClan Discord.

The Big Picture

Beyond Axie Infinity, MetaClan members are gearing up for quests across a wide range of crypto games – all with their own unique strategies and ecosystems.

The thought is that DAO members have the ability to earn benefits across a bunch of different games – ultimately leaving them well suited to dominate whichever game ends up taking the cake and making its way to center stage.

More so, MetaClan is placing a strong focus on participation, leveraging the MolochV2 DAO Framework to create a unique interface for people to pledge, propose and vote on all things gaming.

To learn more about how to join and the steps to do so, check out their summoning post here.

Closing Thoughts

In an increasingly remote world, finding your people is as important as ever.

MetaClan is curating a digital family eager to help shape the future of web3 gaming. Whether you’re a total noob to a complete expert, there’s something to be gained for interacting with such a diverse pool of experience, insights, and perspectives.

As we continue to watch the different ways in which gaming evolves to suit the future of play-to-earn, it’s clear that MetaClan will have a front-row seat.

If you or your team are interested in learning more about MetaClan – give us a shout! We’re happy to connect you with the summoning team to learn more.

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