MetaMask Monthly: February 2020

Monthly updates from the MetaMask Team

MetaMask Website looking foxier then ever!

Have you ever tried to explain to a Crypto newcomer the benefits and value of Blockchain and don’t know where to start? Check out our new website, making it simple and clear on how to get started! Enabling DApps and managing Crypto assets securely. Here →

MetaMask At ETHDenver

This year while attending ETHDenver MetaMask Developer Erik Marks presented a tutorial on how to build a SNAP. We then sponsored a bounty where the best SNAP would receive a $1000 prize!

MetaMask Developer Erik Marks giving a workshop on how to build a SNAP

1st place Snaps bounty winner at ETHDenver

The folks who brought us OpenRPC decided to turn their tool on Snaps, and created a super cool documentation and testing tool that we expect will be helpful to countless Snaps devs in the future. Snaps primarily communicate with the outside world using developer-defined RPC methods. These will almost necessarily be non-standard, and if you want dapps to use them, you’ll have to document those methods. The Snaps OpenRPC Generator makes this super easy, and creates a playground for testing out the RPC methods you define! Check out their video demo here.

Special thanks from other Consensys products!

Team: MythX
Announcement: Congratulations again to Pablo and Benjamin from Hashing Systems for winning the MythX dev tool integration bounty! Developers can now easily scan smart contracts for security vulnerabilities right from within their Console IDE for Hedera Hashgraph. #KeepingEthereumSafe

Team: ConsenSys Academy
Announcement: Thanks for hacking with us and joining us for our sessions. We are still providing a 35% discount to those at EthDenver via the coupon code HACKATHON until February 22nd for Blockchain Developer Program and Blockchain Essentials. Our slides from our workshops can be found in our free course Blockchain Hackathon Preparation for Developers!

Team: Kaleido
Announcement: Thanks for joining us at ETHDenver! You can start developing on Kaleido for free today. Check out our free Starter Plan. You can build solutions using a variety of protocols, including Hyperledger Besu. Check out our blog for details on using Hyperledger Besu on Kaleido.

Helping grow open source!

Our very own Jenny Pollack, along with teammates Abbey Titcomb and Alex Miles, won on the Impact track for their hack, Flowerpot is a project that allows anyone in a github organization to setup crypto donations through easy-to-add markdown buttons designed for Github readme’s. Check out their demo HERE

We are still looking for a Senior Mobile Developer!

MetaMask mobile is still currently in Public Beta and our team is constantly refining the product, with our total download count for the Beta app crossing 100,000 last week we are excited to continue growing the team to help in this effort.

Do you have….

  • A track record of great mobile app development.
  • Familiarity with the Ethereum blockchain, and Decentralized Applications.
  • Strong JavaScript experience.
  • Experience with React Native.

If the answer is yes then we want you to to join our team!
How? Apply Here!!!

New and improved MetaMask Docs page!

Just last month we migrated to a new Docs page thanks to the efforts from a dedicated community member Austin Akers. Now that the site is written in Vuepress, it works better on mobile and is more responsive. One of the biggest benefits is that Vuepress is an open source tool that more people use/contribute to as opposed to the old site! For those who are new to building on Web3 you will find best practices, API references and a how to for initializing Dapps on the new MetaMask Docs page. We would like to take this time to once again thank Austin for volunteering his time to help build this without anyone even asking! It’s community members like him that make building on open source so great!
Check out the new site HERE!

Development What’s New?

MetaMask v 7.7.7 is out and auto-updating in browsers near you. Next time you pop it open, check out some of the improvements listed below. These changes are new as of this month.

  • #7918:After updating the custom spend limit on the approve screen, the data for the transaction was not being updated. Instead it showed the original transaction data. The transaction data was being updated correctly in the final transaction though. The approve screen has been updated to ensure changes to the custom spend limit are reflected correctly in the data shown.
  • #7919:Fixed bug in editing max spend limit. In the case where the initial spend limit for the approve function was set to the maximum amount, editing this value would result in the new limit being silently ignored. The transaction would be submitted with the original max spend limit.
  • #7920: The custom spend limit was previously not validated. It did have a minimum of zero set, but this didn’t have any affect (that minimum is used for form constraint validation, and this field wasn’t in a form).
    The field was never checked to ensure the contents didn’t exceed the maximum.The field is now checked for values that exceed the maximum, and invalid values in general (including negative values).
  • #7944: Only resolve ENS on mainnet to address usability concerns with resolving testnet addresses there, as the user might not know what the current network is.
  • #7954: Update ENS registry addresses
  • #8053: Inline the source text not the binary encoding for inpage script
  • #8049: Add warning to watchAsset API when editing a known token to avoid phishing a user
  • #8051: Update Wyre ETH purchase url. The new hosted widget is now used for Wyre deposits.
  • #8059: Attempt ENS resolution on any valid domain name. ENS currently supports a variety of tlds in addition to .eth, and more will be supported in the future. Rather than hard-code a list of supported ENS tlds, all valid domain names will now be interpreted as potential ENS addresses in our address input component.

In the past month…

✅ (95) PRs merged

🛠 (93) commits

💫 (75) GitHub issues closed, (57)opened

🔧 900+ support tickets solved last month

💥 8,956 lines of code added and 9,422 deleted.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can always reach out to us directly or file an issue on our GitHub.

Thanks for reading and stay foxy!!! 🦊

Jason & the MetaMask team

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