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After much anticipation, we’re excited to announce that we’ve approved Nervos Grants Program recipient Obsidian Labs to expand CKB Studio support to Windows developers and release a web browser-based version of the IDE later this year.

The news comes after Obsidian Labs was awarded its first grant to create an easy-to-use IDE for Nervos developers earlier this year. The two new developments will make it easier and faster than ever for the Nervos community to build dApps and contribute to the Nervos blockchain.

Simplifying development with CKB Studio

Founded by Y Combinator alumni, Obsidian Labs has created IDEs for several well-known public blockchains including EOS, Algorand, Conflux and Polkadot.

In an interview with blockchain news site Decrypt, the Obsidian Labs team spoke about how CKB Studio would enable developers to make a successful transition into a decentralized environment and make it much easier to build and launch dApps on Nervos.

“With CKB Studio, developers will be able to read a simple tutorial on Medium and spend their time building rather than learning a new language.”

A screenshot of the CKB Studio interface

Expanding access to Windows users

Obsidian Labs’ work creating CKB Studio has helped save Nervos developers hundreds of hours of time by providing the graphical user interface (GUI) for general programming functions on CKB.

However, access has been limited to Mac and Linux users, as Windows aren’t able to take advantage of the IDE. This second grant will ensure all developers have access to CKB Studio regardless of their operating system. This is not only good news for developers who want to test their projects on Nervos but the continual development of the Nervos ecosystem, as well.

Launching a web app for CKB Studio

Along with expanded support, Obsidian Labs is also set to launch a web app version of CKB Studio similar to Remix IDE, the browser-based Solidity IDE that is used to write, compile and debug Solidity code on Ethereum. Nervos developers will be able to access CKB Studio directly through their internet browser — no download required.

Helping the Nervos community

In addition to expanding its repertoire of developer-friendly tools for the Nervos community, the Obsidian Labs team has also been very involved in our growing community.

“We plan to continuously improve CKB Studio to serve all developers in the Nervos community, and grow together with the Nervos ecosystem.”, the team told us earlier this year.

To help developers navigate CKB Studio step-by-step, the team even launched a series of CKB programming camps to teach Nervos community members how to code on Nervos CKB with CKB Studio. All of the code for CKB Studio is open source and available on Github, so Mac and Linux users can start their projects using the IDE. The Windows version is coming soon, along with the arrival of SDKs like Lumos, Capsule, and Polyjuice, so stay tuned for more announcements!

As we continue to work with Obsidian Labs, we look forward to seeing the new, innovative ways they contribute to the Nervos ecosystem and make building on Nervos CKB more accessible to our growing community of developers.

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