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Attendees listen to a speaker at the Grin Community meetup

Recently we announced our plans to bring Mimblewimble-based transaction privacy to Nervos. Through Nervos’ support for the protocol, users will be able to transact privately using CKB or any other Nervos-supported tokens without revealing the participants and amounts of exchange.

While the announcement was made only a few short weeks ago, progress is already underway!

Dylan, a member of the Nervos developer team, presented the latest updates on the project at the Grin Community meetup in Hangzhou on September 6th. Community members from Niffler Wallet, ipollo, POW POWER, SparkPool, F2pool, Mynft, HBTC, GATE, and QTUM were also in attendance.

The recap: introducing the privacy layer on CKB

As we have stated before, the project will be broken into 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: Schema Design (~2 months) — A general schema will be prepared for the operation model.
  • Phase 2: Technical Specification (~2 months) — A detailed technical specification will be produced.
  • Phase 3: Implementation (3+ months) — Construction of the codebase.

Phase 1 is well underway, with a draft design posted to the Grin forum, which lays out the details of:

  1. Transferring into/out of transparent and private addresses for CKB or UDTs (user-defined tokens)
  2. A fee payment mechanism
  3. An optional auditable wallet design (if some users have regulatory requirements)

We have engaged in great discussions with members of the Grin community about the architecture and how users interact with Nervos. They have pointed out potential security flaws/privacy leakage with some aspects of the design, and the Nervos team is currently iterating on the design to address these.

The team is also working on tweaks to the design to enable multi-asset support.

Highlights from the Grin Meetup

Nervos developer Dylan gives a talk on the privacy layer design on CKB at the Grin Community meetup
Nervos developer Dylan Duan gave a talk on the privacy layer design on CKB at the Grin Community-hosted meetup on Sunday, September 6th.

If this project interests you and you’d like to contribute to the effort or stay up to date on progress, we encourage you to join the @grincoin#mw_nervos channel on Keybase.

A reminder that the Nervos Foundation is setting aside a grant fund specifically for infrastructure and interoperability solutions between Grin and Nervos. Any Grin community members with interest are encouraged to apply!

To stay updated on all things Nervos:

Join our community: Discord — Github — Nervos Talk Forum — Twitter

For discussions or questions join the conversation on Discord or check out one of our community Telegram channels: English, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese

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