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Attendees at Rust China Conference 2020

This past weekend, Nervos participated in the Rust China Conference 2020, the biggest Rust event in China. Team members from Nervos and several other blockchain projects took the stage to discuss the latest Rust developments with attendees.

On December 26th, Nervos developer Jinyang Jiang delivered a speech titled “Rust, RISC-V and Smart Contracts.” He shared the role of Rust as a programming language for writing blockchain smart contracts and supporting smart contracts running on RISC-V VM.

On December 27th, Nervos and Cryptape held a joint workshop on the role of Rust in blockchain development. Team members from the two projects talked about the importance of Rust in the blockchain field and held live demonstrations for attendees.

At the workshop Yimin Gao, Nervos engineer, shared a talk titled “Rust and Muta Development Applications.” He gave a live coding demonstration and showed attendees how to quickly develop a blockchain based on Muta.

Nan Zhou, Nervos engineer, gave a speech titled “Rust Macro and Its Applications.” Using Yimin Gao’s live coding demo as a reference, he fully analyzed the macro used in Rust.

Nervos Engineer Drift Luo gave a speech titled “Chatting about Rust.” He talked about his past work in Rust development, including Async and Future, network discovery and NAT.

He also shared his thoughts on developing with Rust.

”Rust is young. There are still many problems to be solved, but with the growth of a language itself, it is an interesting thing.”

We had a great time at Rust China Conference 2020 and look forward to participating in next year’s conference!

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