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Daniel Lv, co-founder of Nervos, speaks at the CKB anniversary event in Hangzhou on November 21st.
Daniel Lv, co-founder of Nervos, speaks at the CKB anniversary event in Hangzhou on November 21st.

Last week marked some important milestones in the Nervos ecosystem with the launch of the Simple User Defined Token (SUDT) standard, COFFEE token, and — of course — Lina’s first birthday.

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To commemorate the Nervos mainnet’s anniversary and cap off a week full of exciting announcements, Nervos team members and partners came together this past weekend in Hangzhou to hear from key contributors to the Nervos ecosystem, talk, eat and celebrate.

Nervos speakers included co-founder Daniel Lv, architect and researcher Jan Xie, and Layer 2 researcher Bo Wang, all of whom shared the latest developments on their respective projects, as well as future plans.

Frank Lou, founder of Lay2 and developer of Portal Wallet, a wallet that enables users to use their existing Ethereum addresses and wallets to receive and send CKByte directly, also spoke at the event. He shared why the Lay2 team chose to develop their dApp on Nervos CKB.

During the event, Nervos team members and guests from Sparkpool, ABC Wallet, Chainlink and more enjoyed a variety of tasty treats, as they talked and learned more about the incredible progress Nervos has made since the launch of Lina last year.

Nervos co-founder Daniel Lv talks with guests during the CKB Mainnet anniversary celebration

While Lina’s anniversary celebration has come to an end, the innovation taking place on Nerovs CKB and across the Nervos ecosystem has only just begun. Be sure to follow Nervos on Twitter and sign up for our newsletter so you never miss an update!

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