Nervos CKB Development Update #35

By Cipher Wang, Xuejie Xiao, Ian Yang.

May 4th to May 17th, 2020


  • CKB v0.32.0 will be released on May 22 and Testnet Aggron will be reset on the same day.
  • We are building two dApp development frameworks: Capsule and Lumos.
  • CKB Explorer has a new look.
  • Neuron v0.30.0 has been released.

Changes in CKB

We have delayed the release of v0.32.0 to this Friday (May 22) because of bugs:

We will also reset the testnet Aggron on 22nd, see details in wiki.

We are also working on:

  • Improving RPC error messages and documentation.
  • Implementing Chain Freezer to separate code and hot data in the database.
  • Improving chain sync.

See more details in this public sprint board.

Changes in Dev Tools

We are busy building 2 useful development frameworks:

  • Capsule: a Rust based smart contract development framework.
  • Lumos: a JavaScript/TypeScript based dapp development framework.

If you know the generator/validator separation of CKB, you would realize that capsule is for validator, while lumos is for generator. When working together, we expect them to provide top-level development experience on Nervos CKB.

Both frameworks are making good progress, and are expected to be released soon.

Changes in Applications

We have updated the UX of CKB Explorer

  • Build a new main page theme with a large HUD.
  • Introduce several new data charts.

Neuron v0.30.0 has been released

  • Bundled with CKB node v0.31.1.
  • Update UX components, including Settings, DAO page, and Experimental divider.
  • Add operating system info in the Debug info.

We have release ckb-rich-node for dApp backend data source.

We are working on:

  • CKB network node count analysis.
  • New project Keypering (a Keyper agency) to handle the dApp interaction with CKB.
  • sUDT support development and test on Neuron.
  • sUDT and ACP code audit for mainnet deployment.
  • Neuron backend refactoring.

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