Nervos CKB Development Update #36

By Cipher Wang, Xuejie Xiao, Ian Yang.

May 18th to 31st, 2020


Changes in CKB

We have released v0.32.0, which continues improving the chain sync.

We are working on:

  • Improving RPC error messages and documentation.
  • Implementing Chain Freezer to separate code and hot data in the database.
  • Improving chain sync.
  • Adding more tests.
  • Collecting more data via benchmarks.

Changes in DT

  • Lumos is starting to get into shape! We are still enhancing the documents for Lumos, but we have a sample project for you to check out already.
  • Capsule is also getting many new features such as debugger integration, latest Rust version upgrades, usability enhancements, and more.
  • We have started to work on yet another new project, it aims to build a full AOT compiler from WASM to RISC-V. With this new project, CKB will have the potential for full WASM integration. This is not half-baked integrations that might be quirky in some way, we are talking about a complete WASI-compatible integration in Nervos CKB, so we can enjoy the greatest WASM ecosystem.

Changes in MAKE

We have released Neuron v0.31.0-rc1, with the following updates:

  • New logo and setting window style.
  • Add transaction history export & language switch functionalities.
  • Export more bundled CKB logs for debug info.
  • New logic for fee settings.

CKB-Explorer v0.9.6

  • Added lots of charts for economic data and mining data.
  • Added sUDT pages.
  • Update home page style.

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