Nervos CKB Development Update #37

By Ian Yang.

Jun 1 to Jun 28, 2020


  • Released ckb v0.33.0.
  • Continue working on chain sync performance.

Changes in CKB

We have:

  • Released CKB v0.33.0.
  • Improved chain sync performance. (#2067#2081)
  • Added a new sub-command replay to verify the local chain (#2045)
  • Fixed a vulnerability that ckb process crashes on invalid input. (GHSA-pr39–8257-fxc2)
  • Added document to explain different protocol handles in tentacle. (ProtocolHandle)
  • Supported updating log levels dynamically via RPC (#2113)
  • Added RPC truncate to ease testing and development (#2064)
  • Removed RPC estimate_fee_rate for performance issue (#2126)

We are:

  • Separating code and hot data in database for performance. (#2118)
  • Improving RPC errors. (#2038)
  • Introducing fail points for test. (#2090)

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