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Nervos CKB Development Update #40

Covering Aug 24 to September 6, 2020

It’s time for another update! Check out what the dev team has been up to during the past few weeks.

CKB v0.36.0-rc3 is available, which is the first release candidate for the next version.

In the last two weeks, we have

  • Completed pool requirements analysis.
  • Been improving the developer experience with new RPC methods, better documentation, and easy-to-reuse Rust crates.
  • Been tuning the performance of transactions processing.
  • Been supporting WebSocket in Tentacle.
  • Been adding debug consoles in CKB to help to control and troubleshoot CKB.
  • Been improving the integration tests.

Pool Requirements

Ian has surveyed the fee bumping in Bitcoin and proposed the fee bumping mechanism and transaction management guidelines for CKB.

Developer Experience

Quake has added many new RPC methods by referring to Bitcoin. This RPC will simplify the integration because developers are very familiar with the Bitcoin interfaces.

Quake has also implemented the RPC deprecation process and will deprecate some methods in v0.36.0. These methods are still available by setting the config option rpc.enable_deprecated_rpc to true.

Chao has added new examples in Tentacle to demonstrate the usage of some APIs.

Dingwei has been experimenting with new architectures to make CKB easier to use as a library in Rust projects. He has some ideas about adopting async and await and abstracting the header first protocols.

Ian has started reworking the RPC document. The new document will have more information about the parameters, responses and errors.

Tentacle via WebSocket

Chao was working on the WebSocket transport in Tentacle Rust and Go. Running tentacle in browsers is one of our objectives, and adding WebSocket support for PCs is the first step.


Dingwei has been working on the live cells cache to speed up transaction verification. He has encountered some problems but is working on solutions.

Chao has refactored the discovery protocol implementation in CKB to improve readability and performance.

Debug Console

Boyu has been working on a PoC of debug console, which is an alternative to the RPC methods that helps developers control and troubleshoot CKB nodes.

The Debug Console has no burden to maintain the compatibility and will be more friendly with interactive usage then RPC.

Integration Tests

Guozhen and Yulong were collaborating to improve the integration tests. They have refactored the test framework and will add more test cases in the coming weeks.

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