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Nervos CKB Development Update #41

Covering Oct 26 to Nov 8, 2020

It’s time for another update! Check out what the dev team has been up to during the past few weeks.

In the last two weeks, the CKB core team has:

  • Been extending ckb-indexer with more filter options.
  • Discussed transaction pool requirements and been working on the new fee estimator.
  • Redesigned internal dashboard to show performance metrics.
  • Been designing traits (Rust) in a top-down way.
  • Been experimenting with running CKB protocols in web browsers via Tentacle WASM.
  • Been designing the channel network specification.

Extending ckb-indexer

The ckb-indexer allows data to be queried from nodes for applications and analytics.

Quake has been working on ckb-indexer based on the requirements from this talk thread. He considered several solutions and is still optimizing the trade-offs.

Fee Estimator

Accurate fee estimation is important for applications and Layer 2 protocols.

Boyu continues working on the fee estimator. He has implemented a prototype and has been evaluating different models. He also discussed the pool requirements to support the fee estimator with Dingwei.

Metrics Dashboard

Current metrics can be found on the CKB explorer.

We have TPS and chain sync benchmarks, but we haven’t stored the results for analysis. Guozhen and Yulong have been working on the metrics dashboard, which will ease metrics presentation, analysis and comparison.

Traits Design

In Rust, atrait is a collection of methods defined for an unknown type: Self. They can access other methods declared in the same trait.

Dingwei started to re-design the traits in the CKB source code. We used to design fat traits that provided all the functionalities the underlying modules could provide. This bottom-up strategy leads to highly coupled modules.

Dingwei planned to design the traits in a top-down way. He is going to analyze what the upper layer modules need and implement a just-enough interface using the underlying modules.

CKB Protocols in Web Browsers

Light clients enable trustless blockchain interactions without requiring the overhead of running a full node and open up new kinds of applications.

Quake leads a team working on the light client demo. They have been working on running CKB protocols in web browsers via Tentacle WASM because the demo will be run in-browser.

Channel Network

Channel networks can maximize the throughput and minimize the latency of transaction processing, enhance transaction privacy, and can even provide certain interoperability for blockchains.

The channel network team has been working on proposing the general payment channel specification.

If you are interested, check out this post on Nervos Talk!


The MAKE team has been working on:


  • DEX UX to support cross-chain
  • Functional test case design for DEX
  • Order test data table design for DEX
  • Dex-contracts
  • Refining the DEX design, including the orderbook and AMM pool
  • Outlining the architecture for the DEX query API to refine its design so that it is able to be more scalable, as well as more flexible and efficient in querying data
  • Creating a backend query API for the DEX order book MVP.

DEX matching engine

  • Working on Deal Maker CLI
  • Adding tests to Deal Maker CLI
  • Preparing for AMM in Deal Maker CLI

Other projects

  • Updating Neuron UI for migration of ACP
  • Researching e-passport cryptographic functions
  • Adding ACP cell transfer function on Bitpie sdk
  • Releasing ckb-sdk-java v0.37.0

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