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We’re excited to share the latest updates to the Nervos ecosystem in our second monthly roundup! (Catch up on July’s announcements if you haven’t already.)

During August, we announced some exciting integrations and collaborations with Chainlink, Band Protocol, the Grin community and more. Keep reading for more of the latest highlights and updates from the Nervos community.

Nervos Quarterly Letter: Updates & Highlights from Q2

We’re pleased to announce our first-ever Nervos Quarterly Letter — a compilation of updates to the Nervos ecosystem, as well as events and other highlights that took place during Q2. Because this is the first of many more to come, we’ve also touched on the progress we’ve made since the launch of our mainnet, Lina, last year.

The full report is available at, but the following updates offer an overview of major improvements and community events.

Read it here.

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Nervos Quarterly Letter

Nervos community releases new development tools for BSN integration

On August 10th, the Blockchain Services Network BSN successfully integrated Nervos. Now Nervos developers will be able to build dApps through BSN overseas data centers and run nodes, as well as access the enterprise chain and financial data.

Recently, Nervos community members released a development tool called bsn-proxy which can directly connect to the BSN and supports the conversion of BSN services into a Nervos node RPC compatible format. In this case, BSN could be used as Nervos Infura. When users run applications such as Nervos wallet, they can use BSN resources directly by opening a BSN account instead of setting up a node by themselves.

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Nervos and BSN logos

Nervos kicks off first CKLabs cohort with Portal Wallet and Tocial

A few months ago we launched CKLabs, an incubator for early-stage startups and blockchain teams that want to build and scale with the Nervos ecosystem. We received dozens of applications from all kinds of dApp projects for our structured four-month program. Though it was a hard decision to make, we’re pleased to announce we’ve chosen two projects — Portal Wallet and Tocial — to be part of our first cohort.

You can read the full announcement here.

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Portal Wallet, Tocial, and Nervos logos

Grin Community Collaboration to Bring Mimblewimble to Nervos

We’re pleased to officially announce our plans to support the Mimblewimble protocol on Nervos. Mimblewimble is a technology that will enable Nervos users to transact privately using CKB or any other Nervos-supported tokens without revealing the participants and amounts of the exchange.

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Nervos and Grin logos

Integrating Chainlink’s Widely Used Oracles into Nervos to Secure Off-Chain Connectivity

Public blockchains aren’t meant to operate in silos, so off-chain connectivity is often one of the most important aspects of a decentralized network. However, integrating with third-party data feeds and sources often creates a myriad of challenges that can negatively impact network security and reliability, neither of which Nervos is willing to compromise.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that we are integrating with Chainlink to bring its leading decentralized oracle solutions to the Nervos Network!

Read the full announcement here.

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Nervos Integrates Band Protocol to Bring Scalable Oracle Technology & Extensive Real-World Data To DApps

We’re excited to announce that we’re integrating with Band Protocol, a cross-chain data oracle platform that aggregates and connects real-world data and APIs to smart contracts. Integrating with Band Protocol will allow Nervos developers and third-party applications alike to utilize price feeds, which are particularly useful for DeFi applications, and obtain other real-world data in real time from external sources to power any type of decentralized application. This will bring significant improvements in the existing data availability and scalability in the Nervos ecosystem.

Read the full announcement here.

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Nervos and Band Protocol logos

Portal Wallet: Enabling CKB to connect with wallets around the world

After several months of infrastructure development and organizing the Grants Program, we announced the CKLabs incubator. Now we’re pleased to announce the Lay2 team — one of the members of our first CKLabs cohort — has successfully released the first dApp on CKB: Portal Wallet. Portal Wallet is not only a wallet but also a complete dApp that leverages various features available through Nervos CKB.

Read the full announcement on the blog.

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Nervos researcher Dr. Ren Zhang invited to join NDSS Special Committee of Blockchain Reviewers

Recently, Dr. Ren Zhang, a consensus algorithm researcher at Nervos, was invited to become a special blockchain committee member of the Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS). NDSS is regarded as one of the top four conferences in the information security field.

Read the full announcement on our blog.

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Dr. Ren Zhang, Researcher at Nervos Foundation, 2021 NDSS Symposium

More Ecosystem & Community Content

We read more great content from the community this month. Make sure to share and mention @Nervosnetwork to have your content included in our next roundup!

Recent Developer Guides and Resources

Grant & Project Updates

New grant applications keep coming in! Head over to Nervos Talk to check out the latest!

Community Events

Nervos participated in many events throughout August. Let us know on Twitter @NervosNetwork if you attend an event!

August 3

Nervos cofounder Daniel Lv participated in a livestream for the Bihu Community and introduced Nervos’ integration with BSN.

August 4

Nervos cofounder Daniel Lv took part in an AMA for B-talk with guests from Amber Group and Huobi university and offered a deep dive into the Nervos project.

Nervos hosted the Beyond Consensus meetup in Shenzhen along with our friends from Chainlink, Grin, Celer, IOSG, Lay2 ,Tocial and CKB Bar, who discussed the progress of their projects and also their insights on the biggest crypto trends in 2020.


August 5

Nervos cofounder Daniel Lv participated in an AMA for the Crypto Buffet community and introduced the Nervos’ partnership with BSN.

August 12

Nervos developer Jiang Jinyang hosted a live coding session to demonstrate how to use Capsule, a development tool, to realize the simplest state channel on CKB.

Ben Waters from Operations hosted a Q&A session on Telegram for the Nervos community.

 — @NervosNetwork

August 19

Portal Wallet founder Frank Lou gave a demonstration on how to use the first Nervos ecosystem dApp and how it acts as a portal from the internet to crypto space.

Nervos cofounder Kevin Wang attended the Open Finance Conference and talked on the panel called “DeFi: Exodus from Ethereum?”

August 21

Nervos community manager DC attended the Connected Smart Contracts meetup with the Chainlink, Conflux and Meter.

August 29

Nervos cofounder Daniel Lv attended the Smart Contract Summit #0 and talked on a panel called “How to Win in China — What Dapps & Projects You Need to Know.”

Nervos CKB Development Update #39

Aug 10 to August 23, 2020

The CKB dev team released v0.35.0 with RPC changes and other new features.

In the last two weeks, we have

  • Completed the light client demo.
  • Refactored Tentacle Rust and implemented protocols for Tentacle Go.
  • Been designing the new memory pool.
  • Been speeding up block verification.
  • Been optimizing CKB for machines with limited memory.
  • Been improving the tests.

Metrics help developers to troubleshoot and discover performance bottlenecks. It also helps users to know the synchronization progress and CKB node status.

CKB used to print the metrics to the log file. Boyu has embedded a metrics service just inside the CKB node. Now it is super easy to collect metrics from CKB and visualize them using tools Prometheus and Grafana.

Light client demo

Quake has completed the light client demos for desktop and Android. The next step is developing some interesting PoC products to verify the protocols.

Tentacle Go and Rust

Tentacle Go brings the P2P framework to Go and extends the ecosystem. It also helps to improve the Rust version.

Chao has implemented the ping, identity and discovery protocols for Go. He also rewrote the Rust version of ping and discovery protocols to improve the performance.

The CKB rust implementation can also be used as a library. Boyu has refactored the logger module so that the CKB libraries will no longer depend on the logging runtime dependencies. It will save time to build the tools based on CKB libraries and reduce the binary size.

New memory pool

The current pool is complex and has several performance issues. The payment channel and other protocols may have new requirements for the pool as well.

Ian has finished the survey on fee estimation and bumping mechanism and published two articles for review:

Block verification speed

The block verification is a bottleneck for chain synchronization now. Dingwei has been working on improving the cell cache to speed up block verification.

CKB for machines with limited memory

Lowering hardware requirements makes the network more decentralized.

Boyu has wrapped up his work on tweaking RocksDb. He has successfully ran a node which memory is stable below 650M. He was working on the documentation. It is now possible to run a CKB node on the Raspberry Pi with 1G memory.


Test helps find bugs and performance bottlenecks.

Boyu, Guozhen and Yulong were working on the new tps-bench, a tool the team used to benchmark how many two-inputs-two-outputs secp256k1 transactions CKB can process per second.

Yulong and Guozhen have been refactoring the integration tests. They extracted common methods and added new utilities to set up tests and make assertions.

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