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Updates from October include:

🌉 New stablecoin bridge between Ethereum and CKB via Bitpie

⛏ A new mining infrastructure grant for Insight

🌎 A deep dive into Portal Wallet — Part 2

🔗 Integration with HedgeTrade’s community-driven predictions platform

🏦Exchange listing on Indodax

🏛 Town Hall #2 featuring updates from CKLabs participants Portal Wallet & Tocial

❓Q&A session with #NervosHack winners SECBIT, NerBRos, and LeapDAO

🧱Shanghai International Blockchain Week recap

Bitpie builds stablecoin bridge between Ethereum and CKB

Nervos and Bitpie logos

Bitpie, a leading multi-blockchain wallet, revealed it has built a cross-chain pegged stablecoin bridge between Ethereum and CKB, the Layer 1 of Nervos Network. The integration brings stablecoins, one of the most important infrastructures for DeFi, payments, and other applications, to CKB for the first time.

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Portal Wallet and pw-sdk: Connecting blockchain users around the world

portal wallet icons

Portal Wallet is able to support fingerprint ID, Face ID and other biometric verification methods to create wallets because of its WebAuthn technology. Facial recognition, iris recognition, voice recognition, and physical keys have all become popular and convenient ways to use WebAuthn to access internet apps and other products. Because of CKB’s strong cryptographic primitive support capabilities, this set of standards based on asymmetric cryptography can also be supported on CKB. That means users can access and use Portal Wallet through a series of biometric verification methods such as fingerprint ID and Face ID.

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Advanced CKB mining infrastructure with Insight

Infrastructure Announcement and New Grant Insight x Nervos

The Nervos Foundation is pleased to announce that the blockchain R&D wing of Insight, composed of top alumni from their decentralized consensus fellowship and other professional training programs, has received approval for a mining infrastructure grant! There are two key components to this grant: support for next-generation mining communication protocol Stratum V2 and the automation of mining pool software deployment.

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Nervos shares CKLabs update and holds Q&A at Town Hall

Town Hall for CK Labs on October 29th at 9 am EST

Launched earlier this year, CKLabs is an exciting opportunity for emerging blockchain developers and teams to receive funding and hands-on support for their projects. During the Town Hall, we provided an overview of the structured four-month program and had the opportunity to hear from our first cohort members: Portal Wallet, a wallet built on Nervos’ Common Knowledge Base (CKB) that runs in any Ethereum wallet’s dApp browser, and Tocial, a digital platform that enables cosplayers in China to share photos, make friends, and monetize their work.

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Share and get expert trading predictions for Nervos CKB on HedgeTrade

Nervos x HedgeTrade logos

We’re excited to announce CKB, the native token of Nervos, is now integrated into HedgeTrade’s community-driven predictions platform. HedgeTrade users will be able to use CKB trading pairs to make smart contract-powered prediction Blueprints — a form of trading predictions on the platform. Once live, they can be purchased by novice traders who pay to unlock the details and make the copytrade for the CKB trading pair.

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Millions of Indonesian users can now trade Nervos CKB on Indodax

Nervos CKB is available on Indodax

We’re excited to announce CKB, the utility token for the Nervos Network, is now listed on Indodax, Indonesia’s largest crypto exchange. Starting today, users will be able to buy and sell CKB using rupiah on the platform. The listing on Indodax will bolster Nervos’ presence in a key crypto market and add more liquidity for CKB holders.

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Q&A Session with #NervosHack winners SECBIT, NerBRos, and LeapDAO

Nervos logo

A few weeks ago we hosted a 10-day virtual hackathon with teams already building in the Nervos ecosystem, including LeapDAO, SECBIT Labs, NerBRos, GrowFi, and Rebase. We were very impressed with all of the projects, but ultimately only three teams could be named the winners.

To see and hear more from the winners, read the full article.

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Nervos shares highlights from Shanghai International Blockchain Week

Shanghai International Blockchain Week recap

The Nervos team in China recently attended and participated in the sixth annual Shanghai International Blockchain Week. Hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, the event has played a leading role in promoting the development of the industry by bringing global blockchain influencers, experts, and entrepreneurs under one roof and encouraging open and inclusive communications.

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More Ecosystem & Community Content

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Eduardo Garza, community lead at Nervos, discussed Interoperability 2.0 at Blockchain Summit Latam

 — @NervosNetwork

Nervos co-founder Daniel Lv took to the stage at Web3 Forum 2020 for his talk “The World of Web 3.0 in a Multi-Chain Playground

 — @NervosNetwork

Jan Xie, chief architect and researcher, lays out Nervos’ vision for Interoperability 2.0 during a keynote at Shanghai International Blockchain Week

 — @NervosNetwork

Nervos co-hosted a meetup with NEAR Protocol and Iris Network and discussed how Layer 1 and cross-chain could build a better Internet

 — @NervosNetwork

Co-founder Kevin Wang discussed the importance of decentralized oracles and how they fit into Nervos Network’s DeFi vision at BlockDownConf

 — @NervosNetwork

Community manager DC shared Nervos’ plans for #DeFi at a meetup hosted by Sparkpool in Longyan on Oct.12th

 — @NervosNetwork

Nervos held a Beyond Consensus meetup with our community in GuangZhou on October 17th.

 — @NervosNetwork

Daniel Lv talked about #DeFi at the SparkPool Mining Assembly in Kunming on October 17th.

 — @NervosNetwork

Community manager William discussed Nervos’ integration with BSN & more updates in his AMA session with the Lianke community on October 26th.

 — @NervosNetwork

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