Nervos Grant Announcement: Obsidian Systems Hardware Wallet Support

Obsidian Systems has been awarded a second grant from Nervos Foundation to continue their work aimed at bringing full Ledger support to CKB. To better understand what’s being developed in this new grant, let’s do a quick recap of the developments and functionality achieved in the first grant.

Mike from Obsidian Labs created a tutorial that walks users through using the Ledger Application on CKB-CLI and sums up the developments below:

BOLOS Application 3 (Blockchain Open Ledger Operating System)

This application will support send, receive, import key, NervosDao operations (DepositDAO and withdrawDAO) on the Ledger Nano S and X. Both devices will support communication through web browsers and the Nano X application can be used over bluetooth.

Hardware Wallet Support in Nervos

Enables communication with Ledger hardware wallets from the ckb-cli.


LedgerJS is the standard tool for communicating with Ledger devices through the browser. Adds the necessary functions to use the full functionality of the BOLOS application developed through the browser.

Currently in development

The latest grant extends the developments from the first grant by generalizing the work done to become Ledger-agnostic. These improvements will allow support for other hardware wallets via wallet specific plugins.

When this [the grant] is done the Nervos community can use the Ledger application with Nervos’ command line, integrations with additional hardware wallets will be easier, and valuable new features will be supported in the Nervos Ledger app. — Mike, Obsidian Systems

Additional features include:

List of Multiple Connected Ledger Devices, Ledger support via plugin, agnostic signing support for hardware wallets, multi-sig lock script signing, and LedgerJS maintenance and improvements.

Join the Nervos discord and follow our Twitter to stay updated on the developments of this grant and announcement for a Q&A with the Obsidian Systems team and an updated tutorial for Ledger using CKB-CLI.

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