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Nervos is pleased to announce we’re collaborating with, the leading decentralized video application powered by Theta Network to bring exclusive live video content to the global crypto community. The marketing partnership will enable both Nervos and Theta to drive usership and engagement through increased content and exposure.

To provide the latest developments in the ecosystem, Nervos often holds AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions for new initiatives, fireside chats with ecosystem partners and developers, and other live events for the benefit of the community. As the first initiative in its partnership with Theta, Nervos will host a series of live AMAs exclusively on, the leading blockchain streaming platform with millions of viewers around the world.

Wes Levitt, Head of Strategy at Theta Labs said,

“As the leading decentralized video application built on blockchain, Theta has collaborated with many successful projects and we recognize their contributions to the blockchain space. We’re excited to work together with Nervos to bring engaging live streams to and welcome a host of new users to the network.”

Theta Network lets users earn token rewards for relaying video to other nearby users, and enables existing video platforms to deepen viewer engagement, drive incremental revenues, and reduce existing content delivery network (CDN) costs. Users earn rewards by relaying video on a peer-to-peer network, utilizing excess bandwidth on any PC, mobile, Smart TV or IoT devices. When Nervos live stream videos on, viewers will have the opportunity to earn Theta Fuel tokens on for watching, and sharing the content.

Nervos co-founder Terry Tai said,

“Theta is leveraging blockchain technology to create something truly innovative, so it’s no surprise its video network is already popular with esports fans, gamers, and blockchain enthusiasts. We look forward to bringing our unique perspective on the blockchain and crypto worlds to’s growing audience as we introduce our community to a new and engaging way to interact with our ecosystem.”

In addition to an initial content collaboration, Nervos and Theta are also exploring deeper integrations to leverage each other’s communities and decentralized infrastructures, expanding their collective reach within the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries.

To learn more about Theta, visit or to join the Theta community.

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