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It was an exciting week of educating, learning, and celebrating for the Nervos team in China, as they took part in the sixth annual Shanghai International Blockchain Week.

 — @NervosNetwork

Hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, the event has played a leading role in promoting the development of the industry by bringing global blockchain influencers, experts, and entrepreneurs under one roof and encouraging open and inclusive communications.

Audience members at Shanghai International Blockchain Week

While the Nervos team participated in a variety of events and activities, these are our top highlights from the week.

Jan’s keynote on the potential of Interoperability 2.0

Jan Xie, Nervos’ chief architect and researcher, gave a keynote titled, “Interoperability 2.0: The Path to a Unified Digital Economy.” During his talk, Jan shared his thoughts on the communication problems between different chains and how these issues lead to bad user experiences. Although there are some existing tech solutions for cross-chain interoperability, Jan believes it is not the way to a unified digital economy.

Interoperability 2.0 — one of Nervos’ main focuses during Q4 and beyond — could solve those challenges not just for the Nervos ecosystem but the entire industry.

The keynote offered audience members a new way to think about the problems facing cross-chain interoperability and how they can be solved.

We’ll share a recording of Jan’s talk with English subtitles in the upcoming weeks, so follow us on Twitter and the Nervos blog to stay in the know.

Daniel’s speech “The World of Web3.0 in a Multi-Chain Playground”

Daniel gave a keynote about Nervos’ vision for a more interconnected, user-friendly internet experience at Web3 Forum on October 29th.

During his talk, he shared why Rust is the ideal programming language for the underlying infrastructure of Web 3.0 development and introduced Interoperability 2.0 to the audience.

Nervos x NEAR x IRISnet meetup

On October 27th, Nervos, IRISnet, and NEAR hosted a meetup to discuss Layer 1 and blockchain interoperability and the importance and progress of blockchain infrastructure and interchain technologies. Attendees were treated to keynote speeches from Nervos co-founder Daniel Lv, NEAR’s GM of Asia, and IRISnet’s Director of Research.

During his keynote, Daniel shared how to use an Ethereum address to receive CKByte, the native token of Nervos Network. He also discussed Interoperability 2.0 and how it could influence the future crypto space.

Daniel also participated in a panel along with Harriet Cao from IRISnet, Yifan He from Red Date Technology, Amos Zhang from NEAR, Jocy Lin from IOSG Ventures, Uncle Hongjun from OG Community, and Feng Liu from ChainNews.

During the meetup, over 50 community members shard their ETH addresses and received CKB using technology created by Portal Wallet, one of the members of Nervos’ first CKLabs cohort. Audience members were very impressed with this feature and had an extensive discussion in the online group chat after the meetup.

Panel at the Nervos x Near x IRISnet meetup in Shanghai

Nervos’ party for team members and friends

After the meetup, the Nervos team gathered with friends and ecosystem partners in a pub. Developers, eco-partners, and community members shared progress on their projects, their challenges and plans for the future. Everyone had a great time, and the festivities continued until midnight.

In addition to the various speaking events and meetups, Nervos had a booth at the conference venue. Many people visited, asked questions, and learned about the Nervos ecosystem and what it has to offer developers and those new to the blockchain space.

While this year’s Shanghai International Blockchain Week has come to end, we’re excited about next year’s event and look forward to sharing more developments from the Nervos ecosystem.

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