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Nervos Development Roadmap sneak peek

As the pieces of the Nervos ecosystem come together, we’re very excited to see how these milestones will bring transformative change to the blockchain space and provide a world-class developer experience.

Amid Nervos’ continued development and recent partnership announcements, our community channels have been buzzing with questions like, “What’s Nervos up to next?” and “What are Nervos’ plans for the DeFi space?”

The answers to these questions and more will be addressed at our first Town Hall on YouTube! You’ll even have the opportunity to interact directly with some of our key team members.

Jan Xie, architect and researcher at Nervos, will walk the community through Nervos’ ecosystem roadmap for the remainder of 2020. For a sneak peak of the topics, take a look at the graphic below. We also touched on a few of these topics in our first quarterly update, so be sure to download the report before the Town Hall so you’re up to speed!

Nervos ecosystem roadmap

Q&A Session

Afterward, Nervos co-founder Kevin Wang and Jan will be on hand to answer your questions about the roadmap. To submit your questions, simply submit them in the chat during the live session.

Where to watch the Town Hall

Tune in to the Town Hall on YouTube on September 14th at 10 pm EST (Sept. 15th at 10 am GMT+8) with this link:

We look forward to sharing the latest on the Nervos ecosystem with you!

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