New Directions for Coffee & Coin

Last week, during our labor day hiatus, we took the time to survey and interview a number of our readers to better understand what you want to see more of (and less of) in the Coffee & Coin newsletter.

This is leading us to make a few key changes:

  1. We’re removing the long form articles.
    We heard from users that you feel you don’t have the time for the long-form articles, and would rather our team focus on news round-ups and summarizes of critical crypto news stories.

  2. We’re making data more visual and less frequent.
    We heard from readers that you love the data insights and surveys, but, can find them dense to read. We’re going to explore ways to make our data more visual through additional charts and infographics. This means it will take longer to develop the data pieces, and so we’ll aim to do one in-depth piece each month.

  3. We’re focusing more on the news snippets.
    Apparently you all love those!

  4. We’re working to develop a podcast.
    We heard, overwhelmingly, that you’d love to have some of the long form content moved into a podcast version in the future, so you can enjoy it during your commutes, your workouts, or whenever else you consume great podcasts. So we’re working towards developing one, and hope to announce more details in late Q4.

  5. We’re changing our publishing schedule:
    We heard from users that sending out the email in the very early hours (Eastern Time) on a Monday resulted in the email being buried in their inbox. We’ll be shifting our publication time to Noon Eastern (9AM Pacific) on Monday’s so you can enjoy it with your morning coffee. We’ll also be releasing the email version on Monday, but, not promoting the web versions until Tuesday to encourage more people to sign-up for our newsletter rather than getting the news from scrapers who republish our content.

Ultimately the Coffee&Coin newsletter will focus on becoming more of a news round-up and summary piece, designed to take 5-10 minutes to read and get you caught up on the important information in the blockchain industry for that week. More in-depth insights and analysis will in-turn move to our soon to be announced podcast.

Hopefully this makes Coffee&Coin more of what you want to see!

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