New Ethereum Developer Curriculum: Zero to Blockchain

Hey all! We are releasing a new Curriculum designed to help anyone become an Ethereum Developer.

Truth be told, it’s difficult to build decentralized applications. There’s a great deal of knowledge that goes into it! From the underlying data structure of the blockchain, peer-to-peer networking, digital signatures, light clients, understanding how clients run the Ethereum Virtual Machine and provide a JSON-RPC api, to learning a new Smart Contract language and understanding how those contracts compile to bytecode which can be deployed and interacted with through a binary interface. And that’s simply the blockchain portion! Before all that, one should learn a programming language to interact with the blockchain along with other computer science concepts such as numeral systems (binary and hexadecimal), asynchronous programming, communicating with APIs, networks, data structures (especially trees and linked lists) and hash functions.

It’s an extensive collection of knowledge! At ChainShot, we have built a Zero to Blockchain curriculum that incorporates all of these concepts. We want to help new developers learn Ethereum, regardless of their current programming level. We estimate that the curriculum has over 100 hours of content with in-browser code tutorials (no need to install dependencies!), challenges, videos and guides. This content is designed to take you from your current level of programming knowledge, no matter what that is, all the way up to working with and understanding the concepts mentioned above. You’ll build core blockchain data structures, complex smart contracts and entire decentralized applications within your favorite web browser! And, of course, the curriculum will continue to evolve as Ethereum does 🙂

Check it out and let us know what you think:

We offer the course as a monthly subscription, and, yes, we accept DAI 😉

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