Nuo Network Adds DEX Capabilities with Gasless Nuo Exchange

As DeFi protocols become more robust, it’s been a common trend to incorporate a number of different features to make for a more holistic trading experience. In doing so, the goal becomes allowing the end-user to access all the tools necessary to enjoy a complete trading experience without ever leaving the platform.

Yesterday, Nuo Network made a big step in this direction through the unveiling of the Nuo Exchange.

1/ Today, we are excited to announce the First Gasless Exchange by Nuo🚀

Nuo Exchange is the most intuitive way for anyone to swap ERC20 tokens with best price across DEXs in Ethereum Ecosystem.

FIRST 250 SWAPS ARE FREE. Countdown begins now🚀


— Nuo Network (@getnuo) April 6, 2020


With a simple point and click interface akin to Kyber Swap, Nuo Exchange allows users to swap between popular DeFi assets like DAI, KNC, SNX and MKR just to name a few. Here’s a full list of the currently supported assets (Dai was cut off from this screenshot).

What’s New?

With the launch of Nuo Exchange, Nuo integrated a number of rising trends for an enahnced DEX experience including:

  • Liquidity Aggregation – Nuo’s exchange uses smart order routing to pull the best prices from 0x, Uniswap, Kyber Network and Oasis.
  • Custom Slippage – Users have the ability to dictate the maximum amount of slippage they are willing to have, otherwise the transaction fails.
  • Metatransactions – Trades on Nuo’s exchange come with no transaction cost to the end-user.

Upon the first use of the exchange, it feels great! Users should note that the minimum requirement to swap on the exchange is currently set at 0.25ETH with a maximum order size of $10,000.

Better yet, Nuo is actively encouraging users to submit feedback on the exchange (with a possible $50 prize) using this form.

A Wider Product Stack

With the introduction of Nuo Exchange, Nuo now comes loaded with lending, margin trading and DEX capabilities. This makes it a strong contender in an end-to-end DeFi product geared at non-technical users.

Paired with the ability to take out smart contract covers using Nexus Mutual, Nuo is quietly making waves in terms of providing an intuitive product experience.

Looking Forward

It’s worth noting that Nuo currently offers the highest lending rates of any DeFi lending protocol. With this in mind, we encourage users to recognize that with higher returns often comes a higher degree of risk!

As stated above, those looking to access Nuo’s lending product should consider purchasing a smart cover on Nexus. As it relates to the DEX trading experience, there’s far less risk, making it a strong alternative to sector-leading DEXs for those looking to route large orders and take advantage of DEX aggregation.

In the meantime, we’ll be keeping a close eye on Nuo – which you can as well by following their official Twitter.

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