pTokens Launches pNetwork DAO with PNT Staking

pTokens – a trustless bridge for interoperability – has summoned its DAO to handle all protocol governance using PNT tokens.

📣 It’s official! The #pNetwork DAO has launched!🚀

Join the next-level community of $PNT🦜 holders!

Stake, vote, and earn up to 42% APR in staking rewards💥

— pTokens 🦜 (@pTokens_io) July 31, 2020

Built by Provable Things, pNetwork offers a platform to port assets to and from Ethereum using wrappers called pTokens. The most popular version of these wrappers is pBTC – an Ethereum-based version of Bitcoin similar to renBTC. Underpinning the pNetwork is a set of decentralized validators who post a bond in PNT governance tokens to operate a node on the network. Whereas this aspect was a great way for validators to have skin in the game, it’s largely limited to a technical audience.

Today, PNT rewards can be earned by any user by joining the newly launched pNetwork DAO and participating in governance. Built on Aragon, users stake PNT for governance-wrapped tokens called daoPNT. To encourage users to participate in voting, pNetwork is allocating up to 28.35M PNT (47.25% of the total supply) via governance reward inflation.

Similar to other governance-based rewards like KyberDAO and Nexus Mutual, PNT is only rewarded to active contributors. As illustrated in the DAO interworking post:

“A DAO member is considered active and only becomes eligible for rewards if they are daoPNT holders and the check confirms that they have voted on at least all proposals except one within the two week period.”

The rewards are projected to provide 42% APR in the first year followed by 21% in the second year. Stated another way, if you stake your PNT via the pNetwork DAO and vote on every proposal, you will earn a 42% return on your initial PNT contribution (denominated in PNT).

The pNetwork DAO features a 7 day cooldown period and is expected to kick off it’s genesis governance polls in the coming weeks!

DeFi DAOs Heat Up

The launch of the pNetwork DAO comes in tandem with a suite of other DeFi DAOs from projects like Kyber, Aave, Curve and bZx.

While Curve will also be built on Aragon, it’s interesting to recognize that many DeFi projects have opted in to building their own framework instead of using an out of the box solution like Aragon. Still, Aragon-based tooling offers much more flexibility in the future upgradability of these DAOs, and is quickly becoming the leading platform for large organizations to field future governance.

Backed by the recent ANT liquidity program, Aragon will also look to ship a native chain this year, allowing DAOs to port their governance to a low cost, real-time transaction relayer which harnesses all the benefits of Aragon in a scalable fashion.

Over the next few months, it will be super interesting to see the different levels of engagement each of these DAOs receives. While using liquidity mining to incentivize participation is a step in the right direction, the bigger conversation is around making governance interesting enough that tokenholders would participate with no rewards in mind.

If nothing else, it’s great to see governance taking center stage and is a trend that we at DeFi Rate are extremely excited to watch unfold.

To stay up with pTokens for all DAO related events, be sure to follow them on Twitter or join the conversation on Discord!

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