Rari Capital Launches Robo Yield Farming Tool

Rari Capital – an automated yield farming tool – has just launched the first iteration of its platform to earn industry-leading returns on stable assets.

After building in stealth, we are super excited to announce the vision for Rari Capital to the world today! We look forward to having you on our journey. 😎

Read here to learn more: https://t.co/nVlw47CVuD

— Rari Capital (@RariCapital) June 9, 2020

As the narrative around yield farming continues to heat up, it’s harder and harder for power users to keep up with the leading APY at any given time. With Rari Captial, users can passively deposit stable assets to the platform which are automatically rebalanced between lending opportunities like Compound, Aave, dYdX and Curve. Outside of passive APY, Rari Capital also takes advantage of arbitrage and liquidity mining (like COMP) to earn a secondary return on top of the base rates being offered by lending protocols.

The platform claims to offer over 3x higher APY than Compound at the time of publishing, setting it on track to be one of the highest-earning robo-advisors rivaling industry competitors like Staked’s Robo Advisor for Yield (RAY).

What’s most unique about this rollout is that Rari is taking a very secure approach to scaling. At its start, users are limited to $350 in total deposits as Rari receives extended smart contract audits and integrates support for leading DeFi projects. This comes in tandem with a risk overview, giving users a clear understanding of all the areas something *could* go wrong.

In summary, it will be exciting to see how Rari can stack up against DeFi alpha hunters who seek to earn a return on more volatile ERC20 tokens backed by liquidity incentives. If one thing is for sure, the notion of being able to passively put your stablecoins to work in a permissionless fashion is one of the first we’ve seen to date, and one we will be keeping a close eye on here at DeFi Rate.

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