Recap: DeFi Week of May 25 🦄

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Summing up the past week: The Bitcoin on Ethereum trend continued growing with the launch of RenVM. ETHGlobal’s DeFi-focused hackathon wrapped up with more than 100 new projects built in one month. And speaking of Ethereum events, Devcon was postponed to 2021. Centrifuge launched with the goal to bring real world assets to Ethereum, while Polkadot’s initial phase went live. Ethereum’s network activity reached an all time high. Crypto investor Arthur Cheong laid out his investment thesis, which combines studying fundamentals with active involvement in the projects he supports. This week’s interview and podcast was with Chainlink co-founder Sergey Nazarov, who said blockchain developers are underestimating data-related risks.

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DeFi Will Eat Traditional Finance and Active Investors Can Reap the Rewards: Arthur Cheong

Arthur Cheong, one of the most active investors in DeFi, lays out his investment philosophy for public crypto markets. He combines fundamental research with an active strategy, where he works closely with the team and the community of the crypto-networks he invested in so that he can contribute to the token’s success. His philosophy, he says, has generated market-beating returns for his crypto and DeFi portfolio, which he has grown since August, 2018.


DeFi Builders Are Neglecting Data-Related Risks And It Could Lead to Massive Failures: Sergey Nazarov

This week’s interview is with Sergey Nazarov, the cofounder of oracle provider Chainlink. The way blockchain applications get their data has proven to be crucial, as failures in those systems have been at the core of many of the latest attacks in decentralized finance. He says developers are currently underestimating the complexities of building data aggregators and oracle systems and says, the only reason these dangerous patterns are not as discussed is because the losses have not been Mt. Gox level. In this conversation Nazarov makes the case on why the Chainlink platform is meant to help avoid those risks. We also talk about the main trends he’s seeing in the space, Chainlink’s plans for the coming months, and his vision for a more decentralized future.

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  • On-Chain Idealists Take Legal Dispute to ‘Meatspace’: Aragon was built with the vision of helping spur hundreds of communally owned organizations, governed by token-based votes and computer code. But now that problems with one of its own grant recipients have escalated, it’s turning to plain, old, physical courts.

  • How I Celebrated Bitcoin Pizza Day Late (And on DeFi): Ren unveiled the long awaited RenBridge at, where users can swap BTC for renBTC without any middleman or KYC. DeFi_Dad shows how he went from BTC to taking out a leveraged Dai loan using the recently launched platform.


  • Devcon 6 Was Postponed to 2021 & Will be Held in Bogota: Ethereum’s annual gathering will be postponed for the first time due to the COVID19 pandemic and held next year in Bogota, Colombia.

  • First Phase of Polkadot Network Goes Live: After four years of development, the Web3 Foundation on Tuesday launched the first phase of the Polkadot network, a sharded protocol that allows decentralized blockchain networks to operate together.

  • Buying Crypto Just Got Easier in the US and Europe

  • Tokenized Goods Space Heats Up With New Player



  • Developers Built More than 100 DeFi Apps in Past Month: Developers built more than 100 projects in ETHGlobal’s DeFi-focused hackathon in the past 30-days. From stablecoins, to automated investments, and fractional digital ownership, Ethereum builders pushed the envelope on what’s possible in open finance even further.

  • RenVM Launches as Bitcoin on Ethereum Surges: RenVM, which aims to allow interoperability between blockchains, launched on mainnet today. It’s the latest in a long list of projects which users hope will be able to trustlessly bridge Bitcoin and Ethereum.

  • Centrifuge Wants to Bridge Real-World Assets to DeFi: Centrifuge launched Tuesday with the aim to feed DeFi with real-world assets such as invoices and mortgages, and to allow holders of these assets to borrow against them on the Ethereum network.


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