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Summing up: The US presidential election marked this past week. With all eyes on ways to predict the outcome amid a slow vote count, we had an overview of Ethereum prediction markets, which had Biden winning by the widest margin relative to polls and other betting markets. Once election uncertainty cleared, crypto markets rallied, including DeFi tokens which had underperformed in September and October, while DeFi protocols’ fundamentals remained strong, according to IntoTheBlock data.

The other major news of the week for the DeFi space was that the deposit contract for Ethereum’s new proof-of-stake chain was released. We covered the potential risks and rewards of staking, and how to start. 1inch upgraded its DEX aggregator, while UMA introduced “developer mining,” and in less positive news, almost $1M was locked in Compound fork Percent Finance because of a bug. In this week’s opinion piece, Carolyn Reckhow of Keep Network wrote an excellent Bitcoiner’s guide to DeFi. This week’s interview is with Trevor McFedries, one of the creators of Lil Miquela, a 19-year-old aspiring pop star with almost 3M Instagram followers, who isn’t actually human and wants to leverage crypto and web3.

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🙌 Together with Zerion, a simple interface to access and use decentralized finance, Sorare, a fantasy football game with officially licensed cards on Ethereum, and Near, a high-performance proof-of-stake blockchain that interoperates with Ethereum.


“We’ve Been Creating Value for Instagram and TikTok With Very Little Actually Accruing to Us:” Trevor McFedries

This week’s interview is with Trevor McFedries, who is behind Lil Miquela, a 19-year-old aspiring pop star with almost 3M Instagram followers, striking deals with Clavin Klein and Prada. But what’s more surprising is that she’s not human. She’s a computer-generated, character. The company that Trevor co-founded, called Brud, created her image and life story. It’s only fitting then that Lil Miquela, who lives in a digital world, will start to leverage digital tokens.

🎙Listen to this week’s podcast w/ Lil Miquela creator Trevor McFedries:


The Bitcoiner’s Guide to DeFi by Carolyn Reckhow

Bitcoin is in a huge rally, crossing $15k for the first time since January 2018. As the number of holders grows along with interest for BTC, even more of the largest cryptocurrency is bound to end up in Ethereum, where it can be put to work. Bitcoin on Ethereum has already climbed relentlessly this year, recently crossing 150k, or $2B. Carolyn Reckhow, chief strategy officer at Keep, which helps run the BTC-ETH bridge tBTC, has an excellent guide for Bitcoiners coming to decentralized finance. Make sure to forward to your DeFi-curious BTC hodler friend.



  • DeFi Rebounds as Metrics Remained Strong in Selloff: DeFi tokens are rebounding after a slump in October. The stark contrast between DeFi tokens’ summer performance and the one seen in the fall denoted a change in positioning from investors due to macroeconomic risks. But DeFi protocol’s key metrics continued to grow, sustaining high levels seen prior to their tokens crashing.




  • Hurray! You Can Now Stake ETH. But Should You?: The deposit contract for Ethereum’s new proof-of-stake chain was released today. If ~524k ETH is deposited this month, the new chain will go live on Dec.1. Potential rewards for contributing to that pile of ETH are enticing, but there’s also high risk.


  • UMA Replaces Liquidity Mining with Developer Mining: UMA plans to allocate 50k tokens per week to developers who build synthetic assets on its permissionless derivatives protocol starting on November 10th.

  • Notional Showcases Fixed Lending AMM: Notional, a DeFi lending protocol, is rolling out its fixed-rate loans in a public beta with support from investors including 1confirmation, IDEO, Parafi, Nascent, Coinbase and Polychain.



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November 2nd 2020

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