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Summing up the past week: The biggest news this week for the Ethereum ecosystem was the successful launch of the first phase in the transition to ETH2, the proof-of-stake chain. Anyone can become a validator in the network by depositing ETH in multiples of 32, and earn ETH rewards in exchange. Another consequence for crypto traders is that we will start to see many versions of staked ETH derivatives being traded on exchanges. The other news that dominated the week was a proposal by US lawmakers, which would make issuing and transacting with stablecoins require a banking license. This has the potential to upend much of DeFi activity and make even running an Ethreum node illegal. It also reveals how deeply regulators misunderstand open source and distributed networks.

Yearn Finance continued with its “merger” spree. Check out the related video on The Defiant’s YouTube channel; a rap on how Andre Cronje, aka Dr. Dre, got one of the recently hacked DeFi projects out of a “pickle” with a partnership. Aave released its V2, with flash-loan-powered innovations meant to make DeFi more seamless. Also, the latest and largest round of Gitcoin grants started. In this week’s podcast, we spoke with EG Galano, the cofounder of Infura, about running Etheruem nodes, claims of centralization in the Ethereum network, and how this DeFi and crypto rally is different from 2017. And there’s even more 🙂

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“This Boom Feels Organic; Traffic’s Not Coming Out of The Blue Like With ICOs in 2017:” Infura’s EG Galano

In this week’s episode I speak with E.G. Galano, cofounder of Infura, an infrastructure provider for Ethereum and other blockchains. Many Ethereum applications depend on Infura to run their nodes, and it became apparent why that’s problematic recently, when the service provider was having trouble connecting to the Ethereum blockchain, causing much of DeFi to break down. E.G. dives into the recent outage; he goes into what went wrong and what Infrua is doing to make sure it doesn’t happen again. He also talks about DeFi from the backstage perspective of an infrastructure provider, and what he says might get you feeling even more bullish on this space.

🎙Listen to the interview in this week’s podcast episode here:

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  • YFI Holders Have Strong Hands and Bought the Dip: The last time YFI was around $29,500 less than 50% of holders were in the money, or profiting from their positions. This percentage has grown significantly to approximately 73%, suggesting that new holders were able to buy at lower prices while some existing ones decreased their average cost.

  • US Regulators Propose Stablecoin Crack Down With STABLE Act: A new bill by US lawmakers has DeFi up in arms after proposing that all stablecoin issuers need to obtain a bank charter, which would potentially make much of DeFi trading and even running an Ethereum node, illegal. 




  • Wall Street’s ETH Gateway is Getting Ahead of Itself Again: Grayscale’s ether-based investment vehicle ETHE is surging above ETH itself as institutional appetite for crypto increases.






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About the founder and editor: Camila Russo is the author of The Infinite Machine, the first book on the history of Ethereum, and was previously a Bloomberg News markets reporter based in New York, Madrid and Buenos Aires. She has extensively covered crypto and finance, and now is diving into DeFi, the intersection of the two.

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