Set it and Forget it: The Best Token Sets to Buy [Subscribers Only]

To our Token Tuesday Readers,

The time has finally come – our first subscribers only piece.

In this week’s article, we’ll be diving into one of the best ways to protect your capital from market downturns and uncertainty.

For anyone who was holding ETH when the price dropped ~50% overnight just a few weeks back, you’ve surely experienced the firsthand need for automated portfolio management.

It’s time to let the robots take control with emotionless, systematic trading strategies. 

Thanks to Set Protocol, users can purchase ERC20 tokens that rebalance in line with changing market conditions, effectively earning you ETH from the seat of your couch.

While we’ll do a brief overview on what TokenSets are, the vast majority of this week’s article is focused on which TokenSets we recommend and why.

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Read: Set it and Forget it: The Best TokenSets to Buy Today

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