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We’re excited to announce CKB, the native token of Nervos, is now integrated into HedgeTrade’s community-driven predictions platform. HedgeTrade users will be able to use CKB trading pairs to make smart contract-powered prediction Blueprints — a form of trading predictions on the platform. Once live, they can be purchased by novice traders who pay to unlock the details and make the copytrade for the CKB trading pair.

Headquartered in Singapore, HedgeTrade aims to revolutionize social trading using blockchain technology. Both pro traders and newcomers have the opportunity to bet on or against the predictions of others and earn $HEDG for making accurate predictions on CKB trading pairs.

In addition to earning potential, the Nervos community will gain an analysis tool to gauge market sentiment about CKB price and the Nervos ecosystem as they build out gamified crypto trading products and DeFi applications. Additionally, the HedgeTrade listing increases market exposure to $CKB.

Nervos co-founder Kevin Wang said,

“Our collaboration with HedgeTrade brings exciting new opportunities to both existing CKB holders and the broader crypto community. Not only will HedgeTrade’s unique predictions platform unlock new insights and analytics for the CKB token, but it’ll also introduce CKB to a growing community of traders on HedgeTrade.”

Nervos and HedgeTrade share a similar vision for the future of DeFi, so we look forward to welcoming HedgeTrade users to the Nervos ecosystem, which already has more than 40,000 community members worldwide.

HedgeTrade CEO, David Waslen, said,

“Our team is thrilled to be collaborating with the talented development team at Nervos, who like us is totally committed to defi solutions for creating a better global economic system that is community-focused, fun and open to everyone.”

To learn more about how you can use CKB trading pairs to make predictions on HedgeTrade, visit HedgeTrade’s blog.

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