Skill Up on Web3: Explore our New Enterprise and Developer Libraries

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ConsenSys is closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and its potential effects on our employees, partners, and customers. This challenge is unprecedented, and has a global social and economic impact, including on ConsenSys and our communities. Given our company’s international presence, we see firsthand accounts of both adversity and resilience. As a remote-first company since the beginning, ConsenSys is prepared to weather this disruption and maintain business continuity.

Global healthcare, financial, and economic infrastructure is being tested. Our mission to bring Ethereum technology to support and improve such infrastructure continues to be critical, and increasingly relevant as rapid digital technologies for payment, information exchange, and lending markets are needed to respond to the crisis. To that end, we are sharing educational resources describing how blockchain solutions are being used to transform the ways people and businesses transact, collaborate, and exchange goods and services. During this collective time when conferences are canceled and meetings are virtual, commute times are nonexistent, and we find ourselves grounded in every sense of the word, we want to provide resources that help people learn and build for the future.

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