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The Untamed DeFi

In the past few weeks, so much has happened in the DeFi world that it is impossible to follow anymore. Here are some of the rise and falls, and eccentric events that were caught in our radar:

The rise and fall of Yam in 48 hours:

Curve Finance anonymous deployment:

Based Protocol

Synthetix xSNXa False Start: Post Mortem — Samczsun, the killer of DeFi high hopes, found an exploit in the first day of xSNXa Staking never ends Exploit— Anyone can reset the staking clock, creating a situation that anyone can spend gas to extort members, but there is no guarantee

Chicken.Finance is backdoored using Unicode trick (Pub1ic), which based on the function names, seems to be also trolling the DeFi space

DeFi Chad and EthSecurity Community

All these events emphasize the importance of a better mechanism for DeFi Security, such as DeFi Safety ratings.

Back to Ethereum Nodes

A critical bug was found in the OpenEthereum node and was discussed by Liam Aharon on Twitter.

Also if you followed the discussion from our last newsletter on transaction back-running, Geth new release v1.9.19 ships a more deterministic transaction sort order during mining (FIFO). The goal is to reduce front-runner spam which abused miner randomness for transactions at the same price level.

DEFCON Safe Mode Blockchain Village

Really interesting keynote presentation by Peter Kachergisky on The State of Blockchain Security in 2020.

All other videos can be found on DEF CON Blockchain Village Youtube.

Research Papers

The Week’s Links

Do you consider yourself a smart contract hacker? Or do you know someone that might be? Good news, ConsenSys Diligence is hiring.

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