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Sorare — $50m Series A for Football NFTs

Fabric Ventures is thrilled to back the Sorare team again in their latest $50M Series A alongside Benchmark, Accel, Antoine Griezmann, Gary Vaynerchuk and a host of existing investors!

I just finished watching the Bayern Munich vs Lazio Champions League game — I haven’t been so excited for football games in over 10 years.

Having skin in the game changes your perspective in all matters.

Owning Sorare cards radically changes the experience of a football game.

In July last year we shared our investment in Sorare, the global football fantasy league powered by non-fungible tokens (NFTs) issued on Ethereum, that had 10x’d in sales volumes over the previous six months.

Nine months later, they have evolved into the premier platform for digital IP rights of the world’s biggest sport and are the primary issuer of football digital collectibles on top of running a successful fantasy league. They have partnered up with the world’s largest football clubs ranging from Real Madrid, PSG, Bayern Munich, Liverpool and Inter Milan, to entire leagues such as the Dutch Eredivisie and the MLS PA.

Over these past nine months, Sorare has recorded another 20x in sales volumes, reaching $6.5m of sales in February alone!

We have high conviction that Sorare will not be a mere digital version of Panini or Topps, but rather they will totally reconstruct the relationship between football clubs and their fans, enforcing a direct link between players and supporters. Sorare enables you, me and every other football fan to scout future stars in the making, to cherish provably scarce digital collectibles of the biggest stars and most importantly to live every football match with direct skin in the game.

With this vast opportunity in mind, we are thrilled to double down and continue backing Nicolas, Adrien and the whole team at Sorare as they close a $50m Series A led by Benchmark to accelerate this mission.

We are so deeply convinced in the value that these NFTs will accrue, that beyond Fabric Ventures being an investor in Sorare, we individually built a large collection of Sorare cards that we contributed into the launch of BlackPool — a DAO we are building with Julien Bouteloup and the StakeDAO team that is focused on deploying capital across multiple NFT platforms with dedicated managers for Sorare, Axie Infinity, Cometh, Hashmasks and more to come.

BlackPool now represents close to $2,000,000 worth of Sorare cards (including the Unique versions of Mbappé, Kimmich and Bruno Fernandes) and does not intend to slow down its expansion.

We are at the dawn of digital assets that accrue value through their collectible and productive characteristics, players that make a living from games and games that turn into open economies.

Join this rocket ship now: Sorare is looking to expand the team rapidly, including for one of the most fascinating roles in this new wave of gaming: Game Economy Designer!

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Sorare’s Website | Twitter | MediumDiscord

If you would like to join this incredible team, Sorare has a few open positions at their office in Paris. Check out openings here.

To learn more about Fabric Ventures, you can visit our website , follow us on Twitter and read our investment thesis.

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