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  • This Week in DeFi – July 3rd

    To Our DeFi Community,
    The pace of innovation in DeFi never ceases to amaze.
    Whether it’s new products, new upgrades, new tokens, or new investment rounds closing, we’re genuinely having trouble keeping it up with it all. To give you an idea, here’s what we saw this week alone as DeFi closed out Q2: Kyber’s Katalyst upgrade launch date set for July 7th
    0x launches it consumer-friendly DEX, Matcha
    Synthetix releasing Binary Options
    Nexus Mutual releasing pooled staking
    Th… … More

  • 0x Protocol Launches Matcha DEX

    0x Protocol – a leading DEX liquidity aggregator – has officially launched Matcha – their consumer-facing exchange built with 0x Mesh. 1/ Matcha is now served and open to all! Everyone around the world can now quickly and securely trade crypto at Learn more at
    — Matcha (@matchaxyz) June 30, 2020 Despite serving as a crucial backbone for DEX liquidity for over 3 years, 0x Protocol has largely o… … More

  • Maker Integrates KNC & ZRX as Collateral and Adjusts Base Rates

    Maker – the lending protocol behind Dai – has officially integrated KNC and ZRX as new collateral types. KNC and ZRX have been added to the Maker Protocol.
    Both can now be used to generate #Dai. Read more:
    cc @KyberNetwork @0xProject
    — Maker (@MakerDAO) June 28, 2020 Following Governance Polls ratified through an Executive Poll, Kyber Network‘s KNC and 0x Protocol‘s ZRX can now be used as collateral to mint new Dai with a 4% Risk Premium, 1… … More

  • Maker Opens Governance Polls for KNC & ZRX Collateral

    Maker – the sector-leading lending protocol – has opened a suite of new governance polls including the addition of Kyber Network‘s KNC & 0x Protocol‘s ZRX as collateral types to mint Dai. Multiple Governance Polls have been added.Voters are now able to signal their support to/for:
    🪙Add KNC as a Collateral Type🪙Add ZRX as a Collateral TypeBase Rate Adjustment: -4% to 4%Monthly MIPs Governance Poll
    Much more — Maker (@MakerDAO) June 15, 2020 While this is merel… … More

  • 0x V3 Upgrade Drives New Growth: 0x Protocol 2020 Research Report

    Ethereum’s liquidity protocols continue to grow in volume. The past 18 months for prominent DeFi DEXs like Uniswap, Kyber, and others have been filled with upward trends across volumes, fees, and more. 
    One of the emerging projects in this sector is 0x. While the liquidity protocol has always been recognized as a backbone to the Ethereum ecosystem, fundamental metrics are beginning to live up to its reputation. In April 2020, 0x put up solid numbers competing with other major DEXs as the liquidi… … More

  • This Week in DeFi – April 17th

    To Our DeFi Community,
    It’s been another thrilling week in DeFi. We saw two prominent projects, 0x and Gnosis, each announced new decentralized exchanges (DEXs), Compound launch its community governance, along with the first-ever ENS-backed loan.
    In addition, despite the global economic turmoil, DeFi VCs haven’t skipped a beat. First, we saw Atomic Loans – a DeFi platform for lending Bitcoin and receiving DAI or USDC loans – raise $2.45M led by Initialized along with part… … More

  • DeFi DEXs Continue to Ship: Matcha & Gnosis Protocol

    In the past year, we’ve been quite vocal about the rapid development of decentralized exchanges, herein referred to as DEXs. For those who may have missed it, check out our DEX ecosystem research report here.
    In the past few months alone, popular DEXs like Uniswap and Kyber have continued to reach ATHs in terms of both unique users and 24h volume. Predominantly led by an optimized UX and a lack of liquidity thanks to the advent of DEX aggregators like 1inch, it’s no surprise that mor… … More