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  • Aave Showcases Credit Delegation with $500k Loan to DeversiFi

    Aave – the lending protocol for money market creation – has kickstarted their credit delegation feature with a $500k unsecured line of credit to DeversiFi. Today marks a historic moment with the first Credit Delegation on Aave Protocol to @deversifi @OpenLawOfficial was used to conclude the loan agreement
    — Aave (@AaveAave) August 6, 2020 Foreshadowing the Aavenomics rollout, Aave showcased a suite of innovative new features including the Uniswap Money… … More

  • Aave Announces Aavenomics Token and Governance Upgrade

    Aave, the rising money markets protocol, announced its token and governance upgrade Aavenomics: a formalized path to the decentralization and self-sustainability of the network. Today Aave takes a leap towards decentralisation with our tokenomics upgrade: the Aavenomics Proposal.
    Read our latest blog post for a synthesis of the Aavenomics Proposal here:
    — Aave (@AaveAave) July 29, 2020 For those looking for a quick TLDR, check out the po… … More

  • Aave Raises $3M for Aavenomics Governance Migration

    Aave – a sector-leading lending protocol – has closed a $3M round on the back of LEND tokens in lieu of their upcoming Aavenomics upgrade. Aave looks forward to working with 3 Arrows Capital and @hiFramework on our path toward decentralization, including new tokenomics, protocol governance, and insurance fund staking to bolster the protocol’s strength in the event of deficits. Read more:
    — Aave (@AaveAave) July 15, 2020 Positioning themselves as a… … More